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How you can upgrade new software version of your Nook color?

Nook Color

Apart from the automatic software update, you can also manually update your software version of the tablet. Here are the steps to do it.  

Are you doing well with your Nook tablet’s version? After being faded for such a long period of time, Nook tablet made the comeback with the release of the new Nook tablet 7th version which is now available on both of the mediums, online and offline. With some of the key features and services, Barnes and noble product has actually managed a fair fan base around the world. If you are one of the new users who is about to start with the tablet, then do head to www Nook com Account in order to setup your nook account to access the diverse range of titles under the nook library.

In all the versions, Nook color is one of the fine performer for Barnes and Noble in the competitive market. If you got the color version on your side, then you must be aware that updating of the tablet is quite important. Besides the automatic update of the software version of the tablet, there is also the option of updating the latest version of software on a manual basis. Here is the manual way to do it.

  • The first thing which you will require to do is to download the file of a software After that choose Save and then Desktop as the saving location. (Don’t try to customize the name of the file and don’t unlock the *.ZIP file).
  • Now head on to press down the Nook button and then click Settings on the Quick Nav Bar. Now click the Device info and do make sure that the charge of your tablet is more than 20% or above.
  • Now, you will need to link the Nook Color to the computer by using the compatible USB cable which you get with the device. After connecting, you should get to see a new removable drive in My Computer. (All Mac users note that they would see the Nook drive on the home screen or on other devices). Make sure that you have also got the message of “USB MODE” on the Nook screen. In case, if get any issue, just head to Nook Help for better assistance and solutions.
  • Simply head to drag and drop the *.ZIP file into the index of Nook drive. Don’t unzip the file. You should also not create any new folder or adding the file to any other folder.
  • After the file transfer gets completed, eject the Nook tablet.
  • Nook will automatically detect the file after going to the sleep mode, and the head to install the updates.
  • During the installation process, don’t switch off your Nook tablet.
  • Once the installation will get finished, Nook will directly get restarted and will head to the unlock screen.
  • Lastly, you will witness a green “n” appearing on the center left the status Just click on it for more information about updated software. If get any other tech bug, simply navigate to Nook Com Support for expert assistance and guidance.


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