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How To Update Kindle For PC App? A Plenty Of New Features To Look Forward To

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A host of new features has been incorporated into the Kindle for PC app. In order to access these features, you will have to update the app. Let us find out more as to what these new features are and how it will change the way you read your favorite eBooks.

Amazon Kindle for PC is doing great all over the world. Seeing the progress of the app, the company has launched a new update to the app, so if you are using Amazon Kindle for PC, then you can update it to Version 1.23. This version brings in a slew of amazing features, which include split-screen mode, two-column mode and formula mode for processing mathematical equations. Moreover, there is also a pack of new font options that are available in the updated app, i.e., Helvetica, Helvetica Light, Baskerville, Palatino, Caecilla, and Lucida.

Kindle for PC is one of those apps that is compatible with most versions of Windows, let it be Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. But, the majority of people are using it on Windows 10 tablets. There are a number of slates and two-in-ones available on the market. Amazon is among those companies that are providing a fully functional e-reading app for computers at a time where most companies are focusing on iOS and Android.

If you want to know as to what will change in the app after you update the same to version 1.23, then check out the new things below:

  1. New Fonts: You will be able to choose from six new fonts, which are, Palatino, Helvetica, Helvetica Light, Caecillia, Baskerville, and These new fonts will join the company of Amazon Ember Bold, Amazon Ember, Bookerly and Open Dyslexic in the Aa(fonts) menu.
  2. Two Column Mode: There is now an option for you to choose to read with a single column, two columns or with multiple columns, which will be automatically determined based on the font size that you have selected and the width of the page.
  3. You will get a viewer for images, footnotes and math equations. You need to double click on the image/math equation in order to open the viewer.
  4. Split View Support: If you want to read something and do another task at the same time, then you can make use of split view mode, a feature that is given in this new Kindle for PC app.

This was all about the new features and functionalities that you will get in the updated version of Amazon Kindle for PC. If you are trying to update your app, but are not able to do it successfully, then there is no need to panic. You can get in touch with www Kindle com support providers to assist you with the process of updating the app.

You can call at Kindle help and support center to know the right process of updating the app. If the app has been updated, yet the new features are missing, even then, you need to consult Kindle com support because only experts know how to get rid of these complicated issues.

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