Do you want to turn your Nook, a simple e-reader into some extraordinary e-reader then you just need these hacks? You might not be aware that you can modify your Nook which will add more features to it such as games, read RSS and more. These simple modifications can turn your Nook into a fully-fledged game playing tablet after rooting. After modifications you will experience multi-touch, full motion display, Android 2.1 Éclair and much more.

So what are the requirements?

Nook sdcard support

  • First of all, you require Guevor‘s modified kernel (do NOT unzip), you may download either the 174 or 176 kernels.
  • You need 128MB or more microSD card.
  • A microSD card reader
  • NookManager bootable image — download;
  • ClockWorkMod bootable image, available as either a 128MB or 2GB+ sized file, once imaged onto your microSD card;
  • FastMode2 APK

All in all, you have to use microSD cards in a similar way like you would install disk on a PC. As these cards can be rewritten so you only need a single card to perform the modifications and you can reformat your card with next bootable image.

Fortunately, because these cards can be rewritten, you only need one microSD card to perform the modification. When you’ve finished one step, you can reformat the card with next bootable image.

How to get started:

Step1: Burn ClockWorkMod Image File Onto microSD Card


  • First of all, attach your microSD card to your computer and start-up WinDiskImage32 and locate “2gb_clockwork-rc2.img” file and which can be found on the same named, zipped archive that you have downloaded. Just extract this file next use WinDiskImage32 and burn the extracted image to the microSD card.
  • Now find the “install-kernel –usbhost-176. zip” file or the file that you have downloaded and copied this into your root directory of the microSD card and after this eject your microSD card.

Step 2. Install Kernel on you Nook

Nook kernel support

  • Simply turn off your Nook and insert the microSD card that you burned an image by following step.
  • After inserting the card, boot your Nook.
  • This software is ClockWorkMod Recovery which allows the installation of kernels and other software. For the recovery process, use the right-side buttons to navigate up or down and left buttons to move back. And Home button let you select what option you are on.
  • You can also choose to make a backup of your system in case something goes wrong.
  • Within the ClockWorkMod Recovery, enter “Apply update from .zip file” and then select the “choose zip from sdcard” option and select “” and install it. After this select reboot and remove your microSD card and turn your Nook off. If you found any problem white installing kernel on your nook, then you can take nook help from professionals.

Step 3: NookManager

  • nook managerNow, you require NookManager which is a bootable image that will automatically root and install software on your Nook device. Similarly, like Step one, use WinDiskImage32 on the PC to burn an image of NookManager to microSD card. After this, insert it into the powered-off Nook and then just turn it on.
  • Now this will boost you into NookManager, which installs the special software.
  • After this choose “Root My Nook” from the options and Nook Manger will install the files. For this, you require custom launcher, relaunch after installation removes the SD card.

Step 4: Start the Nook Up

  • Now start your Nook device and start Barnes & Noble’s registration and after this, you should be able to complete the tablet like another Android device. You might require installing the FastMode2.apk file.

 Although this process should work in case it doesn’t you are free to take Nook Support.

You also have other installation options for rooting you Nook such as:

  • Gapps
  • USB-host mode

What if something goes wrong:

You can always have a factory reset option to reset your device by powering on the device and then holding Left page-down +right page-down until you reach Factory reset screen. If you not able to undergoes a factory reset then navigate to Nook com support and take the necessary support from the Nook professionals. Also, Nook color support is available for Nook color devices.