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How to troubleshoot the Kindle downloading bug on your Kindle?

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If you are a Kindle eBooks lover and you are suddenly facing the downloading bug in your Kindle eBooks, then check out the list of solutions.

All Kindle users, what’s going on with your Kindle version? Being one of the top products of e-commerce giant, Amazon, the Kindle e-readers has been a crucial player in the section of all the other e-reading devices in the market. With the bunch of dynamic features and classic services, the Kindle versions have proven their position as the ultimate e-reading source for all the users across the world.

With the pace of development and trend of the market, Amazon has always been on the active side to enhance the performance of its Kindle versions with the exclusive features and functions and also to provide the better e-reading experience to all the users out there. Apart from all the features, one of the key thing about the Kindle device is its extensive treasure of Kindle store, which holds the wide range of titles. All you are required to do is head to Amazon Kindle login to get into your Kindle account and have access to the best eBooks. And for the classic e-reading experience, there is a different range of kindles which has been a vital reason for the existence of the e-commerce giant in the market.

Apart from accessing the Kindle eBooks from the web, you can also head to access the Kindle app on your Kindle version to reach out to your collection of favorite eBooks just by exploring the Kindle library and downloading the eBooks on your Kindle device. In the case, if you are experiencing any bug with the Amazon app or Kindle eBook not downloading or getting stuck in the downloading process, then there are some of the things which you can try out to fix out the bug on your own without any need to contact the Amazon Support.

Well, the downloading bug is not a common issue, but sometimes a Kindle couldn’t download the eBook properly when accessing a Kindle app for iOS or Android, and lesser to the fire tablets or Kindle e-readers.

It’s been the problem with the poor wireless connection and the book easily get downloaded in the second attempt. While sometimes a little patience can do the work for you. All you are required to is just turning off the device down and then wait for around 10-15 minutes. On the occasional basis, the servers of Amazon just get down due to the more processing time.

Still, if you are experiencing the issues while downloading a Kindle book or app, then check out some of the tips:
  • The first thing which you can do is shutting down and restarting the device. This is the most common solution which most of the works.
  • Secondly, head on to delink and relink the wireless connection and then affirm that the wireless connection is not working properly.
  • In the case, if your app or book get stuck on the downloading, then head to choose to delete it from the device or the app and then again try out to re-download the book from the cloud section.
  • Now, head on to the page “Manage Your Content and Devices” at Amazon to search out the app or eBook that is not downloading and choose the “Actions” field to select to “Deliver” the title to a particular device. Or in another case, you can head on to select to download and transfer the book to your device through a computer with a compatible USB cable.
  • In the case, if you are not able to view the book or the app on the list of Your Content and Devices, then you can head to check to ensure that the order was finished in the section of Digital Orders of the Your Orders at Amazon.
  • Still, if the solutions mentioned above don’t work out to fix the issue, just head to the Kindle Com Support to get the professionals assistance and guidance.

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