Different genres of books are there to access on the nook. To read, we prefer portable devices and the portable format that ensures the level of satisfaction. And PDF is one of the most accessible formats to read the eBooks. If you got a nook, then you should know to convert the nook to PDF to enjoy your reading. Get to know the easy way out to convert the nook to PDF.


When we talk about the e-reading devices, the two big names emerge as the key players in the market. Kobo and Amazon kindle are the key eBook retailers, which has got a fair number of fans on their list. Well, there is no doubt that these two e-readers have done a pretty fair job in creating the e-reading market. Besides, there is one more player which has made its mark in the market in a promising way. Nook, who has been on the market for quite a long time has got the stardom in the market just because of Barnes and Noble. Not only the features and services but the diverse range of nook is still adding many new users in the market. In case if there is any new e-reader who want to get started with the e-reading device, they first need to navigate to www Nook com account to create their account. In between the account setup, if you got any kind of issue then you can head for Nook help to get the required assistance regarding the proper setup.

As you are aware that there is a different genre of books available on the nook device. Downloading the books and reading it on your portable device with the portable format is the only thing which an e-reader gives the preference. And this is the reason we are to let you aware of that situation when you have your nook on your side, and you want to convert it to PDF. Let’s crack down the required steps to convert the nook to PDF. You can also head to www Nook com to get the detailed information about the diverse range of nook.

Choose an appropriate eBook converter

Epubor Ultimate

To get started with the converting process, we first need an appropriate eBook converter which will help us to convert to the nook to PDF. Well, there are many eBook converters available in the market. In my opinion, you can head to Epubor Ultimate, which is an all-in-one eBook converter, which contains both eBook conversion features and DRM removal. The eBook converter is quite easy to use and also provide high-quality PDF files with the original nook eBooks. Download it to get the free trial.

Removing of DRM from Nook


Before starting the converting process, it would be better to remove the DRM from Nook. As most of the downloads are covered under protection by Adobe DRM or Nook DRM. Note that the eBook converter can also decrypt the DRM Nook E-Books. Here, there is no need to have another DRM removal too. Head to removing of Adobe DRM from Nook books.

  1. Go to download and install the ADE on your computer.
  2. Now launch the ADE and approve it with the adobe account of yours.
  3. Unlock the nook files through ADE.
  4. Now run Epubor Ultimate to remove the Adobe DRM.

Note that when you will open the Epubor software, you will witness a screen, which is a normal screen. You just need to enter your password and email and then tap “OK” button to get the generated key on your nook books. You can head to Nook support to clear your queries and get the proper solutions.

Convert nook to PDF


Now you can convert the nook books to PDF easily. Simply tap the convert button to start the converting process. The best thing about this conversion is that it provides you the customized PDF output. You can easily change the page margin, page size and font of the texts. If you are getting any kind of tech barrier with your nook, then head to Nook com support to get some expert solutions.