We are going to discuss about the transfer of kindle account from kindle to amazon.com in today’s blog post. The table of contents under this transfer includes the eligibility, how to transfer and benefits, previous contents purchased and undo transfer process. We will discuss about all these contents in detail in this blog post. You can take kindle help from the website also if you find any problem in understanding the points.


If you are living in India then you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria of transfer. Make sure that you have entered the details of your address in manage contents and device menu. If you move across different location then the contents and devices available at that particular location will always be different. You will get notified that whether you can purchase the contents from amazon.in from this location or not. You can take kindle support from the website at this time.

How to transfer

How to transfer

As per your eligibility check, you will receive a notification on your device from kindle customer service regarding transferring your amazon account. You can directly do so with the help of device. Yes, if you are using kindle free app on your android phone or computer then you won’t be able to connect to the wireless network. In this case, you need to use your computer to manage the account. Open manage your contents and device page from the computer.

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to switch your account on Manage my content and devices menu.

  • Don’t forget to enter the current location and country name in ‘manage your content and device’ section. You can take help in entering the city code from www kindle com support web link.
  • The country settings is available on the top right of the main menu. Click on the change button provided next to the country settings. If your country does not support the amazon website then you will be asked to migrate your account from amazon to kindle.
  • After entering the account name click on submit and update button.
  • Log in to your amazon account when you are requested to do so with the help of email address and password if your current location support the amazon account and you are eligible for purchase from some other link. Amazon kindle support section will let you know about the current country settings.
  • Click on the section. The website for which you are eligible for transferring your account will be displayed on your screen. The link may look like weitere informationen, En savoir plus and maggiori informazioni.
  • Under manage, your contents and devices click on the ‘learn’ to learn about the transfer
  • You will see the fields like existing address, name, street and phone number along with zip code.
  • Click on the transfer to migrate your kindle account to amazon.in account.
  • You can now use the new account after the setup is complete.

Previous kindle subscriptions and purchased contents

You can retain the contents on kindle with the new account too. This is possible with archived items and cloud storage. You will get knowledge about it from kindle com support. You will not get any subscriptions from amazon.com on your amazon.in account. Refund will be provided if subscribed any.

Benefits of transfer

You can shop with local currency at local stores. You don’t need to spend a dollar for a rupee. You can save money with the transfer. Kindle fire support for managing the contents and transfer from the partner website to amazon.com.

Undo transfer

If you want to get back to amazon.com then you can do so easily. Go to ‘manage your contents and devices’ page and repeat the whole process as we have discussed in the case of transfer. Click on update after entering the city address and location.