As we all know Nook is Barnes and Noble manufactured tablet. It has many features which a good e-reader must have. Recently, Barnes & Noble have collaborated with Samsung and brought their Samsung Galaxy Tab A Nook. Nook library provides you wide collection of books which you can download on your Nook device but you can also borrow library books on your Nook through Overdrive or for better assistance can take Nook help.

Overdrive is a platform where you can get eBooks, audiobooks, streaming videos, and periodicals from your library on your NOOK tablet and nowadays overdrive app is also available which you can download from the Google Play store. Nook tablets are very well compatible with Overdrive. It is very easy to borrow a book and put it in your Nook .So, here we are going to discuss how to send library books from overdrive to your Nook.

Install Adobe Digital Editions


First of all, you have to install Adobe Digital editions on your computer. Moreover, Overdrive uses Adobe Digital Editions to handle its digital rights management. All you need to create an account so that you can authorize your Nook and to read books on your Nook. While creating an Adobe account make sure you add the same email address and same password as on your Nook, otherwise you won’t be able to authorize your Nook.

Check your book on Overdrive


Now just sign in your library’s Overdrive website. However, you can search books without the sign in procedure but signing in makes the process fast. Once you have decided which book you want then click “Borrow”. You will see the time for which you are borrowing the book in your setting area. You will get several options and now it will take you to your Bookshelf. Here, you will get several format options and from there you can select your preferred format once you click download.

Download and Open in Adobe Digital Editions

Now on your Bookshelf, you will find the download link to download a file which Adobe Digital Edition will use to download the ebook. Once you select and confirm your desired format then it should automatically open. Now you can save the file to your computer and choose it to open with Adobe Digital Editions.

After this, Adobe Digital Editions will download the actual ebook and open the same on your computer. Now simply click on the library icon and this is where you’ll transfer the book to your Nook. Your library will either display it as a list of titles or as images.

Transfer the ebook to your Nook

eBook Which You Transferred On Nook

Finally, the step you were waiting for, just connect your Nook to your computer .You can use USB cable to connect it. It should now appear in your Adobe Digital Editions library. In case it doesn’t show up in your ADE then exist and try reopening it.Also, Note that Nook color may show as “Media” rather than Nook in ADE.

Simply click the book you want to transfer to your Nook by dragging it to the Nook icon. Now you will be able to read your library book on your Nook device.

How to return the ebook from your Nook and computer?

return the ebook from your Nook and computer

Well, your library book will expire after a lending period and you won’t be able to access that book on your Nook. However, if you want to return the ebook before its lending period expires then you can do so simply, plug in your Nook and click on the ADE to view your Nook’s library and select “Return Borrowed item”

After returning the book process gets over to click on “All Items” bookshelf in ADE and if you are still able to find the book then repeat the returning process. Also, if you visit the website then your book should no longer be on your bookshelf too.

If your Nook or ADE are loaded with too many books and you find it difficult to find a book then you sort them by date, simply click the “Date added” at the top column and books will re-order themselves according to the date they were added and Nook support is always there to help you in case of any technical difficulty that you might face or you can also call Nook Customer Service number for a quick solution to your problem.