Kindle is an amazing device that lets you do couple of additional things apart from just reading books when you explore this gadget thoroughly. Amazon Kindle Support is there to make you familiar with all the technicalities of your device. You can also send files and documents to your Kindle.

If you have recently got new Kindle and want to transfer all your books from your previous one than you can do it easily all you need to follow simple and precise steps.

  • First of all connect your old Kindle to your computer and you should see Kindle’s files in a drive under “Computer” just click on it and open the drive.
  • You will see multiple folders open them one by one and drag the selected files from the Kindle and drop them into computer hard drive and this will transfer eBooks and other documents from the Kindle. You can copy all your eBooks to the “MY eBooks” folder and in any other directory on the drive. By doing so you will be able to empty your old kindle and can later use it as new one.
  • Now connect your new Kindle to your computer and transfer all your documents onto your new Kindle. Organize your new Kindle by placing audio books in the Kindle’s Audible directory, Place MP3 files in the “Music” directory and place eBooks and other reading document in the “Documentary” directory. Still if you are not able to figure out this process then don’t resist to take Kindle help.

This process can be used between more two Kindle devices.