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How To Swap Reading For Listening In Kindle Apps?

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Kindle owners are enjoying the option of changing the textbooks to audiobooks. This has been made possible with Whispersync voice technology developed by Amazon.

As per today’s scenario, this capability is available only on Kindle apps installed on Android and iOS OS. With the latest update in the Kindle app, you can easily switch between listening and reading by just clicking on the icon.

This feature is pretty amazing as you can listen to your favorite book while driving a car or read it when you get back to home. The process of swapping is not cleared to all kindle app users. So, we are going to shed light on this process and let you know how it actually works. The steps which we are going to publish now are already tested on iPhone and we hope the same steps will work on your Android device.

  1. First of all, you must ensure that Kindle app along with the audible app is installed on your phone. If any of this app is not available on your phone, then first download it from the app store. Update: In a recent update, audio tech is built-in the app, so there is no need to download the app individually.
  2. To check whether this function is working or not on your smartphone, you can check if the book supports Whispersync for voice or not. If you are not sure with the books installed already in your Kindle app that it supports an audio version or not, then you can make use of Matchmaker service. To start with the freebie; Amazon is providing Black beauty without any charge. You will also get professional narration along with these books. When you click on ‘Buy’ button, you will find a message which asks you to download narration as well.
  3. Launch Kindle app and open ‘Black Beauty’. Click anywhere on the screen to open further menus. You need to look at the left corner of the screen. A headphone icon along with blue download arrow will appear on the screen. This will start the audiobook companion file.
  4. Once the downloading gets completed, a familiar play controls will be displayed on the screen. Tap on ‘Triangle’ to play or pause the content. If you want to forward or skip any content, then click on ‘Quick-skip’ buttons.
  5. If you want text version again, then click on ‘Book icon’ from the bottom left of the screen. When you change the book to the text version, it will automatically take you to the point where you have left audio version. This is due to audio text sync. This is you can say an amazing function of Kindle app.

It is important to mention here that ‘Headphone’ icon displayed at the bottom of the screen doesn’t mean that you can listen to the books only after connecting the headphones. You may be fooled by the pop-up message related to headphones displayed by Amazon on screen. You can even listen to the books through your smartphone speaker or through external speakers connected to the phone. There is no such limitation on it.

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