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How To Solve Kindle Fire Boot Password Issue?

Kindle fire devices were introduced as an extension to Kindle devices. Though these were extensions but were totally new in their functioning. While Kindle e-readers were plain vanilla e-ink readers which did nothing much when it came to a smart device like operation, these devices were different. Users can do a lot more than e-ink reader with the same Amazon Kindle Login and hence these were popular for another kind of user base. Here, in this article, we will try to solve the boot password issue happening on one of the Kindle variants which are Fire HD 7.

What is boot password issue?

Kindle Fire devices have been on the market for quite some time. The issue arises in Kindle Fire 7” devices. These are HD tablets which come equipped with Alexa now and Amazon is pushing it aggressively. However, it does not come in the kid’s variant even if it is double the price. Users can disable Alexa in Manage My Kindle option in their Kindle 7 devices. Kindle 8 too, comes in 2 variants one of which is for kids. These devices run on Fire OS and have a lot of upsides when compared to other tablets.

Kinde 7 and 8 retails at $49.99 and $99.99 respectively. They already are very cheap and have been backed up by Amazon. The OS is android based but google services are removed. They run Amazon services such as Amazon Kindle store which offer a lot of books to read. Hence these are the ideal device for kids too. The kid’s versions come with protective covering too and have a no questions asked 2-year warranty. However, regular versions have a 90-day warranty as per Kindle Help.

The boot password issue arises out of nowhere. It is when users try to boot up their device and it asks for a boot password which is not part of a normal ecosystem of the kindle fire.

How to solve boot password issue with Kindle fire devices?

Boot password can be solved in a number of ways. For starters, users can hold the power and volume down switch which would factory reset the device normally. Once they do so, the device would take approximately ten minutes and would be factory reset. Then, Manage My Kindle Account can be used and data restore can be done once the boot password error is removed. If the error is not removed, users can move to the next step.

When users tried the step mentioned above, though the error was solved for some but not for all. Amazon customer service blatantly advised hundreds of users using kindle fire HD 7 to buy a new Kindle device. However, it is not a parliamentary way to Manage Your Kindle customers when you promise a full software warranty. Thus, if a factory reset does not work, Amazon would want you to buy a new device so exercising warranty is not possible in that case.

Users can root their devices to solve the issue. Rooting can permanently void the warranty and hence should be done only when it is needed to be done. After the device is rooted, users can go into the recovery mode to solve the issue. All they have to do is click power off and volume down button together. As the device is switched off and restarted, leave power button and push volume down button two times. It should be fast enough so that Amazon kindle fire does not pass the boot animation.

Then, users have to keep holding the volume button down and the device would boot into recovery mode by itself. Once it has been done, select factory reset. This version of factory reset is different from the other one. This procedure would certainly remove the boot password issue.

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