Kindle is a great device when it comes to the love of reading. Not only does it have unlimited upside but also it has a lot of apps and support. Amazon refreshed its line of e-ink readers with Amazon Kindle Update and brought Kindle fire devices. Kindle e-ink readers are sold alongside Kindle fire devices too. Hence it is fair to assume that it is a great device for everyone. Here we will discuss Kindle error where there is an account registration issue as stated.

Why the error occurs?

A single Amazon account can be used in a number of devices for a variety of purposes. Fire TV can be operated using an Amazon account. Amazon prime for video viewing is also accessible using same Amazon account. However, as Kindle Help clarifies, a single Kindle can be operated with a single Amazon account. An account cannot be used with multiple devices. Hence, when a Kindle is purchased, a single account is registered with it and cannot be used with any other Kindle device till it is registered in this device. There are a lot of upsides to this.

A registered account lets the user share a variety of content to his Kindle. Be it books or magazines or RSS feed, it takes into account all kinds of stuff which can be read on a Kindle. Thus, if users are on the internet, they can simply click on share to Kindle button where it is supported. Then they have to enter the email account which is registered with that Kindle and the book will be automatically shared to that device in e pub format. However, the registration issue can be solved by using Manage My Kindle Account option in the menu.

How to solve the registration issue?

It occurs when an account is already registered to some device. It can be solved in a number of ways. For starters, it can be solved by checking via PC if an account is registered to any device now or not. We can also try to deregister an account from a device if it is required. It can also be done by following a set of procedures as mentioned below. It can be done in only those cases when we know which device it is registered to. More can be read about it from Www Kindle Com Support.

Deregistering an account from a device can also be done via the device too. It is also discussed further. It should be noted that there are some instances where deregistration can take up to 4 hours. After deregistration, users can log in to another device via Amazon Kindle Login. Once deregistered, all the Amazon based data will be wiped from the Kindle device and it will only contain user data. It is true for all the Kindle devices such as Amazon Kindle e-ink devices as well as kindle fire.

To deregister from a device, log in from the computer, then go to Manage Kindle Devices and select which device and account you want to deregister. Once done, enter the password and deregister the device and account in one go. Deregistering can also be done using the device itself. Just connect it to the internet, then open menu and settings and go to deregister the account. It will wipe the Amazon data which can be books and everything. Now the same account can be used to login and register another device but the old data will be synced to it automatically via whisper sync. The speed of connectivity depends upon the internet bandwidth.