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How To Solve “Invalid Item” Error For Kindle For Android App?

Kindle is a device which was launched for the lovers of reading. It was a new device and needed a lot of push as per Amazon, however, it was not the case when it came to the market. Kindle Help backup provided by Amazon is one of the best in business. Since the device and backup service is top notch, it was widely accepted in the market. Kindle further penetrated the market by launching kindle fire and Kindle app. Here we will discuss some issues which kindle app has with Android devices.

Kindle app for android:

It was speculated that Kindle app for Android might be around the corner. There are a lot of reasons behind that. For starters, kindle fire runs on fire OS which is based on Android. Kindle fire devices too have reading functionality for kindle app. Hence, the same app can be launched on android too. Both of these devices have the same backend. In fact, there are a lot of users who install google play services in their Kindle devices via Manage Your Kindle settings and have been using it as an android device.

Kindle app has the same functionality as an e-ink reader. For starters, we can search for books and download them. After downloading books, we can read them on your device. Books can be paid and free too. Users can also set light to be in a reading mode for eyes which can be done using Manage My KindleTherefore, users can make a good use of their Android device for reading using kindle app. However, for that, the app is needed. Users have complained that there are some issues, which are there with the app. The app is showing an error of invalid item to the users.

How to solve the invalid item issue?

Users have complained that once they install the app on their new device, they get the invalid item error on their device for older books. Once they install the app and go to Manage My Kindle Accountthey find the error. The error is related to issues for previous purchases of books. The books which are purchased by users on previous devices are not opening on the newer Android devices. This issue is a serious problem as the books from previous devices are also paid for. To solve the issue, users have done what they have already been taught by the support.

These devices are used by Amazon Kindle Login account. The users tried doing a cache cleaning for the app as well as installing the app. They also tried logging it back in again but no benefits were seen. At the end, users reported that they were advised to buy a new device or download the app on any other device. However, an Android device is not as cheap as buying a Kindle device to use. The issue is not with kindle app but with google service have been pushing the app to not work.

As users reported, the problem is because Google services are the issue. Google wants Android users to switch to google books. To solve it, users need to hard reset their device. It can be done via respective settings. Once it has been done, open kindle app and set it to no updates. After that, users can use the Kindle app and it would not show any error. However, the lack of updates would deprive users of newest features but old apps would work smoothly. If there is any other kind of issue, users can contact amazon kindle support for any kind of solution.

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