Apart from searching any word or phrase in your Nook tablet, you can also do the fine searching while accessing a public domain file.

How are you doing with your fine Nook?  Well, there are many reasons to count on the adoring Nook device for providing the satisfactory e-reading experience to all the potential users.  With the astounding features and dazzling services, Nook has proved to be one of the decent competitors in the market. Its ultimate range of devices has also played a key role to grab the eyeballs of the potential users across worldwide.

After getting disappeared for a long time, Nook tablet mark its comeback with the launch of Nook tablet 7. Besides all the hype about coming back of the device, the new version of the tablet gets stuck in the limelight for the problematic reason of faulty adaptors, which was claimed that the issue has been fixed and the new version has again started to roll out online and offline.

Still, Barnes and Noble has managed a fair percentage of readers with the other versions of the tablet. And with your particular version, you must be enjoying the privilege of reading the dynamic collection of eBooks under nook library by heading to your nook account.

In most of the Nook tablet eBooks, you can easily head on to hunt for a specific phrase or word. However, if you are accessing the public domain file which includes a picture of pages (preferably than the actual text), searching is quite impossible.

Well, the find function can easily search through the text of a publication for a phrase or word. Here is the way you can search:

  • Firstly, you need to head to the reading tools menu, and then click the Find Button.
  • Head on to click a foregoing query or type the latest
  • Click

You can also narrow down your searches. You can individually choose most of the places to look for a file. And you can also go to clear the history of all the recent searches (kind of another way to prevent from the privacy on the same level).

When you access it from the Quick Nav bar, the Search Tool also head on to look in your Nook library; if you are linked by WiFi to the Barnes and Noble online bookstore, it also looks out for the fine titles in the online shop. You can also head on to include and exclude the other areas.

In order to change up the places your fine Nook tablet will look into, head on to the Searchable Items screen:

  • Go to press the Nook button to show the Quick Nav Bar.
  • Now, just click the Settings.
  • On the settings screen, head to click Search (in the setting section of the app). The search settings screen easily get displayed.
  • Lastly, click on the Searchable Items- A checkbox will display up all the areas that you can search; the shop and the library grayed out because you can’t simply delete them from the searches.


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