An e-reader device from Amazon is only useful if it is properly connected to Wi-Fi network. If your device is not connected to the internet properly then you cannot access the e-library for reading books.

This issue of Wi-Fi is disgusting for Kindle users. The important news and all the updates wifirelated to firmware and library stops working if the issue is with Wi-Fi network. You have to diagnose and fix it as soon as possible in order to continue the reading through Kindle device. We in this blog will guide you that how you can resolve this issue with simple steps and by taking help from Amazon Kindle support.

The internet in any electronic gadget plays a major role in its operation. Same is the case with Amazon Kindle. If you are not able to access the books through e-library easily then this is the result of poor Wi-Fi network or no network. Even if there is no proper network, then you cannot purchase or subscribe the book from Kindle store. You can take Kindle help to subscribe books.

Kindle store is a common place for all Kindle users from where they can download and purchase the books of their choice. There is browsing feature also that comes in the higher end model of Kindle, you can enjoy this feature only and only if you have proper Wi-Fi network. The ability to play music in Kindle is also possible with Wi-Fi network. For sorting out this issue, you can take help from the authorized Kindle com support website. Without Wi-Fi network Kindle is just a black box.

This is common issue in all Kindle devices so there is no need to take dedicated support like Kindle Fire support for particular model. General help and guide is available on the common site as well. We are giving some important tips to you to resolve the issue of Wi-Fi connection.

Read the points carefully then follow them one by one.

  1. The range of Wi-Fi router is limited to some meters only so keep in mind that your Amazon Kindle should be closer to it. The signal strength of network is also affected with the number of obstructions and hindrances placed in between. The most common and real obstructions are walls and doors at home.
  2. Turn on the Wi-Fi of your Kindle device.
  3. Look at the lights of router and see whether all of it are blinking or not. The lights are mainly of power, network and LAN cable.
  4. The airplane mode also blocks the Wi-Fi network. Keep this mode off while using internet.
  5. Now restart the Kindle device by pressing power button and then reset your Kindle by again pressing the power button followed by home screen button. If you have problem in restarting your device then you can take Kindle support from the official website.
  6. Peer to peer network and Ad hoc networks are not supported by the Kindle device. You must keep this in mind while installing network on Kindle.
  7. Remove the router plug from power supply and re-plug it after 5 minutes so that if there is any problem in network at the background then it will restart automatically. Connect the other device with same Wi-Fi network in order to check the speed and bandwidth.
  8. If you want to change the SSID of your router then you can easily do this by taking assistance from internet service provider.

If you still facing the same problem yet then you can go to www Kindle com support from your PC browser. The experts will guide you each and every step to diagnose the issue.