Nook LogoNook tablet which is manufactured and marketed by Barnes & Noble has recently collaborated with Samsung and launched it’s Samsung Galaxy Tab A Nook in 2016. Nook library provides the great collection of the books that you can read. Sometimes, your Nook device gives you some trouble like not charging properly, the screen is getting unresponsive or you might be not able to download eBooks then Nook support which is given by Nook experts will help in resolving all your problems .

Are you aware that you can transfer eBooks from other devices to your Nook using ADE (Adobe Digital Editions)? But sometimes you are not able to open a book which you just transferred to your Nook device and message starts appearing like “Sorry cannot open this book”, then you can very well resolve this error by following certain steps. First of all, removes all the special punctuations marks such as -, #, or & which most of the eBook titles consist of. You need to follow different steps in Windows than in the Mac but the purpose is same.



  • Find eBook in the Adobe Digital Editions and right click on it.
  • Now tap show file in explorer.
  • Right click on the eBook filename and then rename it
  • Now drop the renamed file into the ADE.
  • After this, transfer the new file to the Nook using ADE. The eBook might have some special punctuation marks but now you should be able to open and read it now without any hassle or call Nook customer service number for any assistance.



  • Go to the ADE and then control-click on the eBook.
  • Now select show file in the finder.
  • Go to the “Finder” window, control-click on the eBook’s file and then click on get info.
  • Head towards “Name & Extension” and remove all the special punctuation marks in the file name.
  • Now drop and drag the newly renamed file into the ADE.

Transfer the new file to your NOOK using ADE. The eBook still might have special punctuation marks in it, but you should now be able to open and read it without trouble. Further, if you are facing any kind of issue you can navigate to www nook com.