Kindle Fire is among the top e-readers in the world. Kindle Fire is a special series by Kindle that has some new features, which are not available in normal Kindle tablets. Kindle Fire is a competent device, which can give you the feeling as if you are using a tablet, and not just an e-reader. But, this wonderful device wasn’t able to protect itself from the technical glitches. There have been a few problems that are found in Kindle Fire lately.

One problem is related to Kindle Fire’s camera app crashing down every time a user tries to take a picture. When a user taps the camera button to click the picture, the app crashes instantly. It’s still unsure whether the problem is with the app or the memory of the device, but the inconvenience is definitely there. Kindle help and support providers must intervene into this.

People have tried various picture save options, but they didn’t get any success with that. They checked out Manage Storage option in the Kindle Fire photo menu and cloud drive, but they were not able to find anything there. Some even tried to turn on the auto-save options for Cloud drive, but those didn’t help either.

Some people as per the recommendations of experts tried force closing of the app through settings and turning them back on, but that method also went in vain. What they observed was that this issue had arrived without any clear reason. Not even Amazon Kindle support was able to detect the reason behind this issue.

The solution for this camera app issue:

Kindle Fire Camera

Some people after going through the web were able to find a solution for this problem. The solution was to install a new camera application, which in my opinion is not a concrete solution, but an alternative to access the function. The issue was, ‘why in the hell was that app not functioning’. If someone is able to find an answer to that question, then I would have said, yes’ that’s there is a solution’.

The new camera app can be installed either by copying an APK file onto the Kindle Fire or through Google Play Store. Some people installed Camera app that is developed by Google itself, and it seems to work well in Kindle Fire. The app saves pictures to DCIM folder in the main memory of Kindle Fire instead of MicroSD card. But, the app is not free, so you will have to pay a small fee for it. More information can be found on www Kindle com support website.

This was the only solution that has been found so far, so people are looking for some other solution, which doesn’t involve installing a new app, instead of fixing the same old app. Regarding the camera that is included in Kindle Fire, it is not that great because there are many other tablets, which at the same price range are offering better camera than Kindle Fire. Amazon must come up with its own camera app because people are finding it difficult to operate 3rd party camera apps. People must write to Kindle com support regarding this.

Many people have reached out to Kindle Fire support help in the wake of any significant help, but they were left disappointed as the support providers told them that they don’t offer support for 3rd party apps.

But for the camera app that is present in Google Play Store, Amazon Kindle customer service is offering support, though not a thorough one, but an average support. So, you can get in touch with Kindle support providers and try to find a solution to this problem.