If you have some old tablet and it’s still in working condition then you can repurpose your device. Literally, if you’re a creative mind person, then you can use your tablets for various purposes in a creative manner. Now how will you turn your old tablet to something new? Here we got some tricks and tips, those will change the working style of your tablets and good thing is that all the tricks and tips are so uncomplicated, anyone can repurpose their tablet.

Security/spy camera

Spy camera


As we know that tablet’s camera hold the ‘ok’ quality. No doubt various clicks and selfies have been taken by you previously now it’s time to capture other people in you tablet camera. You often notice this wording in many places, ‘The area is under 24 hours surveillance ‘. Now you can use this wording in your area as well. You just need to find a perfect place where you can fix or place your tablet, rest by putting few technical efforts you’re ready with your security camera. Isn’t the ideal way to re-use your tablet in a creative manner?

Kitchen assistance

Kitchen - tablethelpline

Well, who says only humans can be helper inside the kitchen? Now you can use your tablet as your kitchen assistance or helper. There is a back of various cooking apps, will help you to cook some delicious dishes. If you’re the one who creates a lot of mess in the kitchen, they do take the help of some genuine and knowledgeable cooking apps. Same idea you can apply to the other rooms as well.

Photo Booth

Photo booth - tablethelpline

You will find rare person who doesn’t like to get clicked, otherwise, we all like photography. Mot much complicated just set your device in your living room, backyard or by the door and literally all of your friends will definitely make a lot of poses before stepping inside the room. Rest depends on your creativity, how interesting you can make this photo booth or how many feature you can add to it.

Remote Control

Remote control - tablethelpline

Well, you would glad to know that you can also turn your tablet into a universal remote control. All you need to is to download some apps. You can also use your tablet control your streaming stick or box, such as Chromecast or Apple TV etc.