If you are a tablet lover especially e-book lover, then you must be familiar with Nook tablet. Like any other phone or tablet, there might arise the need to change the battery of your Nook tablet. But changing a tablet’s battery can be challenging for some people. If the battery of your Nook tablet needs replacement or you want to change it, then don’t worry, just follow our guide which has simple and easy to follow steps that will make the replacement of the battery of your Nook tablet easy and trouble free:

Steps To Replace The Battery:

Replace Nook Battery

  • Firstly, flip the Nook cover.
  • After that lift the flap that reads Nook to reveal the tape that is underneath. Remove the memory card if it is present.
  • Remove the tape covering the round holes so as to reveal two T5 Torx screws.
  • Now remove the two T5Torx screws securing the back cover.
  • Now insert the flat end of the spudger or a plastic opening tool between the front panel and rear assembly.
  • Now lift the back panel of the tablet with the help of spudger from the rest of the tablet.
  • After that slide the spudger around the edges of the Nook so as to loosen the back panel.
  • Pull the back panel off your Nook tablet.
  • After that remove the ten T5 screws from around the edges of silver midframe.
  • After this with the help of a plastic opening tool or spudger, carefully pry the screen bezel away from silver midframe.
  • After doing this lift the foam pad which is at the corner of the battery so as to reveal the battery connector.
  • For disconnecting the battery cable from the motherboard, take the help of a spudger or a plastic opening tool.
  • Now lift up the foam that covers the power connector and volume connector.
  • Disconnect the power and volume cables from their respective socket on the motherboard. Now carefully lift the silver midframe away from the motherboard and the display assembly.
  • Now set aside the motherboard and focus on the metal backing which contains the battery.
  • It is not necessary to remove the battery to replace the display.
  • Take the help of the screwdriver or a plastic prying tool to pry the battery from its slot in the metal backing by using it around the edges.
  • Now pick up the battery and remove it along with ensuring to free the cords in the upper left-hand corner by sliding it out rather than lifting it.
  • When you replace the motherboard, you need to make sure that the speaker assembly component which is a small rectangular piece is in place. It is not attached and needs to be aligned properly.
  • For reassembly, your device follows all these instructions in the reverse order.