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How To Remove Touchscreen Problem Of Kindle E-Reader?

Problem Of Kindle E-Reader

We all tap, swipe and zoom-pinch E-readers while accessing digital content, but there’s often a situation when your Kindle touchscreen stops responding. To overcome this, we have bought some simple tips for you. After you follow those tips, you will be able to tap, zoom and swipe.

Why your Kindle touchscreen doesn’t respond?

The touchscreen is the primary mode of interaction between apps and you on the tablet. Any damage, scratch to the screen may degrade its working and you will find a problem in using it.

Now, we are going to discuss steps to troubleshoot kindle E-reader touchscreen problem.

  1. Make More RAM space: This is one of the best steps to troubleshoot the unresponsive touchscreen problem of Kindle. Refresh your system RAM and make it available more. Memory issues on the iPad or Kindle tablet may result in serious issues like screen freezing, unresponsive touchscreen, and slow loading. To make RAM space in your device, click on the home button twice and check the currently opened apps. Swipe across the screen to close the recently opened apps. Close all those apps which you no longer need. Once you have done this, you can restart your kindle and check if it solved the purpose or not.
  2. Restart your Tablet: If the above mentioned step doesn’t work for you, then you can perform restart function on your tablet. When you restart your tablet, all the apps will get closed automatically. You can then check the responsiveness of your touchscreen. Restarting the device doesn’t mean that entering the device into sleep mode by pressing the power button once. You need to power off the device and power it on after one minute. If you are using an Android-based tablet, then the process is quite easy. Just press the power button and keep it pressed until your device flag appears. Click ‘Restart’.
  3. Re-align the display: You can go with this solution only if your device is out of warranty and you have no money to pay to the service engineer. This step must be performed carefully. It is even applicable only on cheaper kindle models. The process basically includes removing the screen and replace it with for better picture outcome and response.

Before receiving the tablet, you must check the tools and instructions available with the box for disassembling the device. If it is not available, then you can check it online from YouTube.

  1. Use of Native apps to Troubleshoot: If you kindle touchscreen is unresponsive, then there will always be a problem in some portion of the display. After knowing the problematic area, you need to diagnose it accordingly that what’s wrong with it and why. This information will be helpful for the engineer who is going to repair your kindle. To check for a particular area on the screen where you are getting the problem, you can make use of a couple of apps. With the calculator app, you can easily check the display from all positions. Screen orientation function will also let you check the tablet from all directions.
  2. Use of calibration tool: By calibrating your kindle, you can resolve a number of touchscreen issues. If you are using an iPad, then sorry to say that this tool is unavailable for your device. If you have a jailbroken device, then you can do so. To undo Jailbreak, you must perform a hard reset function.

On all Android tablets, you can open the calibration tool from the ‘Settings’ menu. Go to ‘Display’ from settings and click on ‘Touchscreen Tune’. This will resolve the touchscreen problem.

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