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How To Remove Books From A Kindle?

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Kindle is one of the leading e-book readers which is sold nowadays online. Kindle has a variety of titles which can be downloaded from Amazon Kindle book store. It offers a great level of flexibility and is backed up by Amazon cloud services too. This allows users to have books in their collection but without any kind of storage use, which means on the cloud. To make use of such services, users just need to do an Amazon Kindle Login. Once the login is complete, cloud back-up and restore on a device are automatic.

Various kinds of removal methods available:

There can be a plenty of reasons why users want to remove ebooks from Kindle devices. One of them can be that users want to empty space on their Kindle. Kindle devices come with a lot of storage when it comes to e-books but they run out of storage eventually. Manage Your Kindle by deleting some of the books temporarily as mentioned ahead.

For managing space, temporary removal from a device is a good alternative. This way the book remains in the online cloud and users can download the book again at their comfort. Users can find out more about cloud availability of a book under Manage My Kindle section of Kindle help by Amazon. Permanent removal of a book is also possible. By permanent removal, we mean that the book is deleted fully from Amazon cloud services and from offline downloads too. This is generally done when users feel that there is no need of keeping a particular book in the collection.

How to archive books and delete books permanently?

Deleting a book permanently would not entitle users to any kind of refunds whatsoever. Hence any claims of this kind will not be entertained. More can be known about the permanent deletion of e-books in Kindle Help section. Following are the steps to achieve a book:

Step1: users need to navigate to the book which they want to achieve. If the book is a recent addition, then they can go to the home screen to find it. If it is a little older, a search box quick search will bring up the book.

Step 2: once the book is found, highlight the book by selecting it. Then long press on the screen for a more enhanced menu. For non-touch screen based models, they can use directional buttons to highlight the Kindle and then press left directional button to get the enhanced menu.

Step 3: enhanced menu would show a lot of options such as move, copy or properties etcetera. Select the “remove from device” option or some option similar to this. The language of this option might be different depending upon the OS version which is being run.

After selecting this option, the book will be removed from Kindle device. Users can download the book again when they want from Manage My Kindle Account.  They will need an internet connection for that.

Deleting a book permanently:

Amazon allows you to delete any book permanently from your account too.

Step 1: click on manage your account and device settings.

Step 2: It will show all the books you purchased from this account. Select the book which you want to remove.

Step 3: Click on delete. If you want to delete multiple books, click on the checkboxes. This will lead straight to checking the books. After checking the books, click on the delete button on top right of the page.

Once you delete these books, the process is irreversible. However, if it has been done erroneously, users can call Amazon customer support to see if they can help.

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