Today in this blog post, I am going to tell you the way by which you can rekindle your dead Nook tablet. Dead here doesn’t mean that it completely stopped working permanently but just appears like dead. Have you also gone through this situation ever when you are holding a Nook tablet in your hand and it stopped responding at once? If yes, then I can understand your feeling and situation.

Firstly, I would like to tell you the main reasons due to which this problem can occur. You might have taken help from Nook com support even in this regard, but there is no need to move here and there now. Your wait is over. I am going to provide a concrete solution to you in this regard.

Not sufficient battery power

The Nook battery keeps on draining continuously if you use your Nook tablet for a longer period. This is not an endless source of energy. You need to recharge it again and again. The consumption of battery percentage depends on your usage how you use it and for what purpose. Take for example: if you use your nook tablet for reading purpose only, then it will consume less battery power and your device will remain active for a long time but if you play games or watch some kinds of stuff on it, then it will quickly drain out. Opening online websites and other Nook support links for help consume more power than that in offline mode.

Charger not working or connected properly

If you are using a charger that connects to a wall socket then this may cause the problem because if the charger is not connected properly to the socket, then it won’t charge your Nook tablet and your device will automatically shut down after few minutes. Yes, if you are using a USB cable to connect the charger with your Nook tablet, then this can be also faulty. To check this cable, you can connect the lamp with it, if it glows then its ok otherwise your cable is faulty.

Solution: Now I am going to discuss the solution for the problems discussed above with you. You must read the solution carefully and implement on your device. This solution is already verified by the www nook com link even. So you don’t have to worry about it.

Follow the steps unflinchingly.

  1. The remedial step for your first problem is; keep on checking the battery level of your device from the bottom right corner of the screen. If you find that the battery level has decreased beyond the certain percentage, then connect the charger immediately before the device shut down completely. Here, it is advisable to stop using the tablet until it gets fully charged because usage effects the charging. For more information related to battery percentage remaining, you can go to ‘settings’ of your nook tablet and check the status from there. For any Nook help, you can take support from Nook customer service number.
  2. For second possible reason; you must use the quality USB cable for charging. There are plenty of USB cables available in the market but all are not the first quality cables. You must buy the charger and USB cable from Nook authorized service center only. It will not only ensure proper charging but also protect your device from any damage caused due to overcurrent. Another thing that you must check after plugging the device with the charger is the orange light that blinks on ‘n’ icon of your device. If it’s not blinking then check the cable ends whether these are properly connected to the device and adapter or not. Once this light has turned green, you can easily log onto www nook com account from your device.