Nook tablets are manufactured and marketed by Barnes & Noble and to its line, it has also added Nook color which is a competitor for various e-readers and tablets. You can read Barnes & Noble books on your device but if you like some book on Amazon Kindle library but you don’t have access to Amazon eBooks then how to get the access and read those books too. Well, there are few ways by which you can read Amazon eBooks on your Nook Color and here in this blog we are going to talk about these. However, Nook device runs on a down version of the Android operating system but to read Kindle books you need to unlock your Nook color device and have to gain root access.

Rooting Nook Color

rooting nook

A Nook color comes has a locked file system and to gain access you have to unlock it, which is a technical process and after unlocking your device you get administrative access to your device if you are not able to figure out the whole unlocking process then Nook support given by Nook professionals can be of great help.

Android Operating System

Android Operating System

Now once you unlock and gained access to the file system you can install the full Android operating system. This gives you unlimited access to software applications from Amazon App store and in Amazon Kindle application is also included in these applications. After you download this app you get access to the Amazon e-book library on your Nook color or you can take Nook help from the Nook technicians who can help you smooth access to the Amazon app store.

Well as Amazon Kindle is the biggest competitor of Nook so Nook doesn’t make easy for you to get access to the Kindle library instead it wants you to read its own books.  But by rooting your device you get the access to the Amazon Kindle Application.

How this works?

As Kindle application stores your eBook library and once you purchase e-books into your Amazon account. These get synced to your Kindle library which is on your Nook Color. You just need a Wi-Fi connection to sync them to the Kindle app.

How to download Amazon Kindle application?

Amazon Kindle App

Head towards “Menu” and open “Quick Nav” menu. Tap on the “Extras” icon. Now open up the “Market” application. Now click on the “Search “button and search the word ”Amazon “now press enter. “Amazon Kindle “application will appear tap on the install button to install it and the Kindle app gets installed into the programs list on the “Extras” menus for precise guideline you call Nook customer service for assistance.