nook emailWith the digitization, as you are aware that the pace of technology is increasing at a spontaneous rate. And as a result, the digitization effect has also impacted the overall market with a different trend. The e-reading trend, which is now considered to be one of the most accepted trends in the market. With this trend, many e-reading tablets have marked up their place in the market. One of those prime e-reading gadgets in the market is the Barnes and Nobles- Nook tablets. The e-reading tablet has already shown the promising growth in the market. With the amazing services and spectacular features, the e-reading tablet steadily captured the market in a growing way. The diverse range of e-reading tablets of nook series has put the tablet in a situation adding many new users in the market. The extensive nook support has also played a key role in the market. For all the new users of this tablet, I would suggest them to open their account with www nook com account and get the amazing e-reading experience.

Despite all the quality features and services, the e-reading tablet also got some issues which need to sort out for your convenience. One of that issues include the E-mail limitations, which is becoming a prime issue of this sparkling tablet. This is the reason, we are here with the 3 common e-mail limitations of nook tablet.

E-mail limitations of nook tablet are:

nook email limitation


  • With the nook tablet, you will only able to see the last 25 messages you have received. You can’t use the e-reader as the portable medium of storing lifetime e-mail messages. Still, you can go to use the Nook e-mail program to see which messages are the most pressed one. And then, you can navigate to the web, whenever you need to go back. If you counter any issue with the tablet, you can navigate to Nook com support for further assistance.
  • With the Nook tablets, you can also work either with both or one of any protocols of consumer communication, whether it is IMAP or POP. It means if you need to read any kind of corporate e-mail, which is based on the Microsoft exchange server, you have to go for adoption. If you counter this issue repeatedly, then you can navigate to Nook help for preferable solutions.
  • The e-reading tablet doesn’t let you get connected with your computer’s contact list. This will give you the trouble of creating your own contacts list on your tablet. This issue is not a big one, but its incompatibility is hindering the experience of e-reading. Still, if you are frustrated with this persisting problem, you can navigate to www nook com, to look out for the proper solutions or some steps to counter this issue.