Nook FontsWhile reading a good book who don’t realize how the time passes by. With Nook Color, a Barnes & Noble tablet which lets you purchase, download and view numerous books from its library and you don’t have to visit a bookstore or any library. You can also change fonts and by installing different fonts on your Nook color. So, if you want to change fonts of PDF and ePub files on your Nook Color then you have to follow certain steps those are discussed below or feel free to take Nook Help anytime from Nook professionals. Once you have rooted Nook Color to one with the open firmware you will be able to change the fonts for menu and program windows.

Follow these steps to install fonts on Nook Color:

  • First of all, connect your Nook to the internet and after connecting Tap “N” to return to the main menu and then go to “Settings” and then Disable “Airplane” mode if it is active.
  • Now go to “Wi-Fi” settings and then to “Wi-Fi” Hotspot. Now tap the name if the wireless network you want to connect it to and make a note of the IP address on the page.
  • Head towards desktop or laptop and then open the Web browser and then navigate to the developers and download Android SDK package from there. Once you have downloaded the package install it on your computer and reboot your PC if you get this it says Reboot.
  • Now open the internet explorer and head towards folder named Android SDK package. Open “C:\Program Files\Android SDK” folder and double click the “/platform-tools” subfolder and now scroll down towards “Android Debug Bridge” program file and click on it. Now a new Windows Command will Prompt and a window appears and If Windows displays a User account Control window before prompting a command Prompt window then tap the “Yes” button.
  • Now type the following command when the command prompt. /adb connect Also, change the “” value to The IP address of the Nook Color and press the enter key.
  • For backing up the current Nook Color interface fonts type the command. /adb pull /system/fonts /folder_to_store_fonts. Now change the the “folder_to_store_fonts” value to the folder path where you want to save the backup copies of Nook Color fonts and enter to copy the fonts to the computer.
  • Also, choose the font which you want to replace with the default font Helvetica Roman interface. Note the folder location .TTF file for the font. The default folder format is “/Library/Fonts. “However if you want to view all the fonts installed on your computer then click start then control panels and then Fonts.
  • Now copy the new font from your Nook Color. For instance, if you want to replace Helvetica Roman to Courier Font then type the command: ./adb push “/Library/Fonts/Courier New.ttf”/system/fonts/helvetica_roman.ttf a now simply press the enter key. Now wait for sometimes as the computer copies the new file to the Nook Color.
  • Now close the Command Prompt window on your computer and reboot your Nook and after restarting your Nook you will experience that older interface font is replaced by a new font.

Above steps will help you successfully completing this purpose in case you need any assistance then Nook color support is there to help you or you can call Nook Customer Service number instead.