Kindle users won’t leave Kindle even if there are dozens of problem in the device. What makes me say that? Well, you all know about Kindle Voyage and the features it possesses. But, the device has been suffering from a very annoying issue lately.

The problem of uneven lighting is getting on the nerves of the users. This particular problem has become prevalent as people from all across the globe are facing this issue. If you check out the reviews given by users on Amazon, then you will find that there are more than 250 reviews out of which 86 reviews are quite critical. People have given three stars or less to this device and there is a lot to do with uneven lighting. In comparison to Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paperwhite is doing a lot better, and the proof about it can be found on Amazon website only, where people has given it 4.5 stars. Moreover, there are around 20,000 reviews on Paperwhite, which is way more than Voyage.

Lighting Issue In Kindle Voyage - kindle supportThe issue with Voyage is that the color at the top is different than that at the bottom. People don’t expect such things in a branded product like Amazon Kindle Voyage. Though every single user is not facing this issue, and you can see many people saying that their Kindle Voyage is absolutely fine and there are no signs of any uneven colors. Well, it could be a few faulty models, which is common with any company. Yet, the company needs to fix this issue in order to live up to its reputation. There is a group of people who are not able to see the color difference, and therefore, they are also on the side of those who think that their Kindle Voyage is fine. Those who are facing uneven color issue should get in touch with Amazon Kindle support because they can fix the issue or can show you the way from where you can get it fixed.

I may have over-exaggerated the issue, but let me tell you when the issue is unnoticeable. The time when you are using auto-brightness, and the ambient lighting is also good with a low front light, then it is very difficult to see imperfections in the colors. When you increase the brightness, only then you are going to see the change in color. So, you can get the issue checked and fixed by Kindle help and support providers.

Now, if you own a Kindle Voyage and this is one issue that has been bothering you for quite a while, then you have no other option but to go to www Kindle com support for help. They are the ones who could help you in the best way so that this color imperfection issue is gone for good. One great thing about Kindle users is that they don’t say good-byes to Kindle devices no matter how big the issue arrives in their Kindles.

Get in touch with Kindle customer service

Lighting Issue In Kindle Voyage - kindle support

That should be the spirit because there is one device that has provided them with a unique and interesting way of reading books, so how can they let them go that easily? If there is a problem, then there is a solution as well, and one needs to find the way to get the problem fixed.

So, the problem related to color imperfections can be resolved at Kindle com support, so all you need to do is, go to this website, talk to the Amazon customer support expert and know the process to fix this issue.

There are many people who have reported the same problem in Kindle Fire tablets as well. So, they need to take the help of Kindle Fire support, as only they can resolve the issue in the best manner.