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How To Get Rid Of Kindle Formatting Errors In An Effective Manner?

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Kindle users are mostly aware of all the features that Kindle has in the offing. Kindle as of late is experiencing formatting errors, which have created quite a ruckus. Let us find out what these formatting errors are and how can one get rid of these.

Some people face this issue while they are performing a conversion of their favorite e-book into Kindle supported version. This can be due to some technical error or due to the improper procedure for conversion. In case you are also facing the same issue, it is advised that you must get in touch by logging onto www Kindle com support. They will guide you through a step by step procedure to resolve any of the issues that you are facing with your device.

What is the current procedure of conversion of an e-book or a word file into Kindle supported file?

The official way of conversion is using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). This is an online publishing platform which lets you publish your e-books to the Kindle store. The official publishing platform lets you upload your book in the word file and it automatically converts it into the Kindle supported e-book format. This e-book is then available in the store and you can download it from there.

Apart from this, the use of this conversion medium is not so satisfactory in many cases. It has been observed that a good number of people face issues in converting their files. If the conversion is successful, it refers to some errors which prevent the publishing of the book on the store. If you are also facing an issue related to this, you can seek expert help regarding the same. You can easily perform Kindle login by going to the official website. The support team will assist you in resolving any of the issue related to the publishing of the book.

How you can fix the formatting issues on your own?

You can try to fix this issue on your own. In many cases, the results were positive and the tips worked as expected. You will need to follow some guidelines which are provided as follows:

  1. You must create an HTML file of your e-book consisting of actual text.
  2. Table of contents in HTML file. This is same as that in other books which provide the page number and a brief description of the topic on that particular page.
  3. Table of contents PDF
  4. Table of contents in file format.

You need to combine the above mentioned four documents followed by choosing a preferred cover photo and then just simply get the job done using KindleGen. This is a smart tool that will convert your existing files into the Kindle supported file format. You can also manage Kindle devices by giving a call at Kindle help and support providers. After the files have been added, you can preview you e-book regarding its looks by clicking on Kindle Previewer.

How to get instant support services from the official support center?

In case you feel that you need some expert help, especially when it comes to update Kindle. The customer care executives are professionals and they have a better understanding of the issue as compared to the users. It is strongly recommended that you must get in touch with them to get the desired job done.

You can also perform Kindle Paperwhite update in the same way. For this, you must visit their official website and click on contact us. This will provide you two options to get an instant support: one is through a chat session, while the other one is through a phone call.

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