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How To Get Rid Of ‘Critical Battery Error’ In A Kindle E-Reader?

Battery error in kindle

The battery of a Kindle device is its biggest USP. The ability of a Kindle device to remain in a fully-functional state for multiple days is one of the most liked features. But, what if Kindle users start seeing critical battery error after a few minutes or hours use of the device? This is what many Kindle users have been experiencing, therefore, it becomes extremely important to find a solution to this problem.

kindle battery

The battery of Amazon Kindle is a bit different from other electronic devices. When the battery goes low on the Kindle devices, it doesn’t shut off automatically, but people are going to see a screensaver. In that screensaver, they will see ‘Critical battery’. This means that the battery is empty. So, what people need to do at that time is, they have to connect the device to a power source. If you are not able to see the screen after it is displayed, then there is definitely some problem in your Kindle. It is not functioning properly despite the fact that you have plugged it into the outlet. There is some problem with the battery of your Kindle device, and you must get it sorted out.

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to revive your battery:

  1. You have to plug your Kindle into the AC adapter and leave it for charging for some hours. You should not connect it to a computer. You have to see whether the charging light is on or not. A Kindle whose battery is drained will not charge after a few seconds after you plug it into the power outlet. You have to plug and unplug the device until you see a steady light. In the majority of occasions, the Kindle will be restored successfully, but it not, then follow the below-mentioned step or go to Kindle com support for the exact assistance.
  2. If you are seeing the same screen, i.e., ‘critical battery’ after charging, then you have to unplug the USB cable. Also, you need to hold the power switch to the right side for twenty seconds.
  3. After 20 seconds, you have to release the power switch. After that, press and hold Home Key for half a minute or so.
  4. If you see the Kindle screen flashing, then you release the home key. What it does is, it puts Kindle device onto the recovery mode. Then, you have to press and hold R key before you see the flashes on the screen again.
  5. Once the Kindle has finished rebooting, you will again see the critical battery option. Then, you have to plug the USB cable and wait until the Kindle returns to the main ‘Home screen’.

If you are not able to go beyond step 3, then the battery of your Kindle device may have a bit too far. So, what you have to do now is, you should contact Amazon Kindle support. You can get the best resolution for this issue at www Kindle com support.

The battery issue in Kindle is quite common, but it is one of the most complicated issues. If the above-mentioned steps can’t resolve this issue, then you have to get in touch with the Kindle support provider. If they are not able to resolve this issue, then they will replace the Kindle device.

I would also like to mention that the battery issues don’t arrive too often, but when they do, they need to be resolved at once. The battery is a vital part of the device, and it must work appropriately for the device to operate smoothly. Only an efficient Kindle help and support provider can fix this issue, rest all will say that the battery needs to be replaced.

The problem of a malfunctioned battery is as common in Kindle Fire as in other Kindle devices. If you are using Kindle Fire tablets, then you can take Kindle Fire support help to rectify the battery issues. I don’t think if the resolution process is different for Kindle Fire than it is for other Kindle devices.

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