How To Get Music on the Kindle - Kindle HelpKindle Fire tablets are good for watching, gaming and browsing apart from just reading as in various Kindle devices. But are you aware that you can also listen to music on your Kindle Fire if not then we are here to guide you about the whole process or you can take Kindle Fire support to know about other functionalities of Kindle Fire device?

Steps To Get Music on Kindle Fire

  1. The Foremost thing, connect your Fire tablet to the computer via USB and copy the files from your computer to your device directly. For this, you can use any Micro-USB cable which same that use with your Android smartphones.
  • However, Window XP will require Window Media Player 11 to detect the Kindle device.
  • You can also use the Amazon Cloud for accessing your music files rather than stuffing up your tablet’s storage.
  1. Now after the connection has been made open the Kindle tablet on your computer it will appear as a removable drive like a USB thumbdrive. Now open to see the files on the tablet.
  • Windows -If you are using windows then you will find the Kindle Fire in your “My computer” in the “Devices and Drives “section.
  • Mac -users will be able to find it on their desktop. Just double-click the icon to open it like a drive.
  1. Now open the “Music” folder
  2. Start copying your audio files. Kindle Fire tablets have much larger storage than a Kindle e-reader.
  3. Now drag or drop files from your iTunes directly to the Kindle Fire “Music” folder .The kindle Fire supports MP3, AAC, AC3, WAV, and OGG.
  4. Once you have finished copying the files disconnect your Kindle Fire. For disconnecting the device simply tap “Disconnect” in the Kindle Fire’s notification panel and after that you can disconnect the USB cable.
  5. Now tap “Music” on the Fire’s Home screen and open the music player.
  6. Lastly, type the “Device” option at the top of the screen and this will display all the songs that are stored on the device.

Follow these steps to get music on your Kindle Fire via USB or else take Kindle Support to complete the procedure. Still, if you face any problem then you can dial up kindle Customer Service helpline number