What’s up Kindle lovers? Do you now you can let the .mobi files onto your Kindle as well. Here you can get the facile steps to get the .mobi file onto your favorite device. As we know that Kindle activation is linked with Amazon account, and we also get a unique email address. You can attach the .mobi file and email it to the email address linked with your Kindle. Now after filling up your credentials in Amazon account you need to go to manage Your Content & Devices. Now make a click on the ‘Your Devices’ tab which will make you see the associated applications and applications. Now you’ll be able to see the page holds the email address which is associated with that Kindle. Email address will appear in the form (something) @kindle.com, and that ‘something’ is probably a combo of numbers of the name. You need to save that email. Well, authorizing the sender is one for step for you in which you need to click on the Settings, then scroll down to the ‘Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings’ page’s portion:

Kindle mobi file

Now this will make you able to see another overview list of all the email addresses, those are linked with Kindle devices and mobile applications. Now navigate to ‘Approved Personal Document E-mail List’:


You must send your document from one of these emails in order for it to be accepted. Well, you can add if the address you want to use is not on the list. Attachment of ‘.mobi’ file matters otherwise subject and body of the message are optional. If you’re not getting these steps or process, then you rush to Www kindle com support for the accurate assistance.

Now after sending the .mobi file to your Kindle device, two things will take place:

  • The .mobi file will be delivered to that Kindle device just like the purchased books are delivered
  • The .moib will reside in your Kindle library. You can download it to any of your other Kindle devices.

Feel free to take any kind of Kindle Help, if you’re not getting any step or struggling with any technical mess.

Connect your Kindle device to your PC via USB cable. Now you will see your Kindle as an additional drive or as a Kindle device (in Windows Explorer/File Explorer). In such case, you need to copy the .mobi file and paste it into ‘Books’ or ‘Documents’ in the internal storage. After the completion of copying and pasting process, you need to disconnect your Kindle and the book will emerge on the list of books in the device. In case you’re not clear with this step of copying then you can ask for Kindle Support for the precise direction.

kindle mobi via pc

You can now read the .mobi book on your devices such as the computer, laptop etc. (without Kindle device). You need download and install the Kindle Reader application for your device (computer, laptop, tablet etc.). On your computer now make a double click on the .mobi file in File Explorer to open it in that application and start reading. You can step forward to Kindle Com Support as well for precise assistance or support.