With the giant retail chain, the e-commerce mammoth has led the market with its extensive features and services. Its successive franchise of kindle e-reader has already become a member of the family for everyone in the market. The friendly app has marked its place in the market in an interactive way. After becoming the member of the family, it was not an earlier declaration for all the age group to use the app to share their stuff with everyone. But, after some time, the app becomes a member of the family by the sharing means too. With kindle support, you had already witnessed better services and features in a superlative way. As it has marked its place as a supreme family member, we are here with the process to get you the access to kindle family library.

Steps To Framework Your Kindle Family Library

Kindle Family Library - Setup & Support

  • The first thing you need to check is the Amazon family library compatibility page to counter if your device is new enough for the family library feature. The checking is necessary because there could be some models who will be compatible with the family library settings, while some would only access the shared content. If you want this feature to work correctly, then you must need a kindle that supports the format or the compatibility mode.
  • The second thing which you need to ensure is the software version of your kindle, make sure that you are using an updated software version. If the automatic sync is on, then there may be no need to update the software manually, if not, then you can navigate to Amazon kindle support to know the way to update the software. To ensure the software update, you can also go to device settings to see the version numbers match up. Update the software if you still need to do so.
  • The third thing you need to is to navigate to the family library settings. With your kindle, just scroll down from the top of the screen, click settings and click profiles and family library. This is a basic step which you need to get it done, to ensure the use of the feature. If you counter any kind of setting issues, you can navigate to Www kindle com support for further assistance.
  • Now simply click Adult, then give the device to any of your family member – who is going to share your account (you can set up your family member account by yourself, don’t need to hand over the device to your family member). Now, just enter the correct email address with the password of the other account, then click continue.
  • After all these steps, simply follow the remaining steps to accept the payment authorization, account sharing and so on. While following the remaining steps, you can decide whether you want to share all the content (videos, photos, and audio books) or just the books stuff. If you get into any kind of approval problem, then simply go to kindle Help, to get the required solutions.
  • Once you complete all the above steps, you need to go to the book section of your kindle device, and then access the type/sort option. There you should get the new entry of family member’s books. With the entry, you should also receive a confirmation mail to verify the new “household”. So, now your kindle is the sharing member of your family. If you don’t find any kind of confirmation from the above steps, then dial Kindle customer service, to get some quick solutions.