Kindle Paperwhite is among the premium models of Kindle. There is no denial of the fact that the features that are given in Kindle Paperwhite can’t be found in a normal tablet. For readers, Kindle Paperwhite offers a great platform because of the features it has got pertinent to reading.

In the recent times, problems related to updates have originated in Kindle Paperwhite. Let us know more about these problems in this blog post so that more and more users can be enlightened. This is one of those issues that all Kindle Paperwhite users need to know. So, without any further ado, let us discuss the problem.

When people are trying to update their Kindle Paperwhite, they are seeing a message that says that the update is not available, or it develops an error message. Going to Kindle support is a good idea, but let’s just find out the details of this problem.

Issue: The issue behind it could be that the option related to ‘Kindle updated’, which is in the settings has been grayed out or the person may have gotten an error message while selecting the update on their Kindle Paperwhite.

Cause: The file related to updating could be in the wrong directory or hasn’t been transferred in a successful manner.

Solution: The Kindle must be plugged into the computer to verify the update file, whether it is there in the root directory of the Kindle Paperwhite or in the folder. It should not be present in the folder. People can take Kindle help to make sure that the update process goes smoothly.

Update has begun, but nothing happens afterward

Issue: The update option has been selected on the Kindle device, but the software update is not working at all.

Cause: This happens when the update file is either renamed incorrectly or there are duplicate files present in the folder. Go to Amazon Kindle support for more details.

Solution: To fix this error, a person must update files(s) on his/her PC and Kindle. After that, he/she must go ahead with the process of updating the software. The person must make sure that there are no trailing spaces or characters in the file name, otherwise, the update will not be done successfully. Also, it is important to check if the firewall has been setup as it will permit the file to transfer. Log onto Kindle com support if people don’t know how to setup Firewall on the PC when Kindle is connected.

Kindle has been updated, but the previous version of update is still being displayed

Issue: The Kindle Paperwhite has been updated successfully, but the person can still see the previous version number.

Cause: The reason why it happened is because the update has not been installed correctly. This problem occurs in Kindle Fire as well, so people can take Kindle Fire support to resolve the issue.

Solution: If the person has installed the update taking the help of USB, then all the steps related to the installation must be repeated. If the installation process happened on its own when Kindle got connected to the Wi-Fi network, then the update is going to complete the next time when the device goes into the sleep mode. When they will turn on the device again, they are going to see the right version number on the Kindle screen.

These are some of the common issues that are faced by Kindle Paperwhite users, and if you too are facing these issues, then you must follow the solution process that we have discussed. If these solutions are not working, then you log onto www Kindle com support for better assistance.