plexTroubleshooting problems are not everybody’s cup of tea. Some people are able to troubleshoot, but many afraid to put their hands in it. There are so many error messages and logs in this PlexSync error that people don’t know where to start with. The problem with Plex and Nook HD+ is that when people are trying to play the videos after they show synced to Nook HD+. So, when they choose ‘offline’, the device forces them to use the content that has been synced. What happens is, they see items that are listed in the Plex, including those, which are not really synced properly. Videos used to get synced without needing www Nook com account, so if you are thinking of getting this account, then no need of doing it.

There are certain parts in the descriptions and artwork, which are not complete, but they are being shown on the list. But, when they see the play button, it’s red. So, they press the button thinking that the media would run, but instead they see a message that ‘media unavailable’. For this particular title, media is not available. Kindly check whether the file exists, and the necessary drive is mounted. People could have checked the file, but as a matter of fact, it is not mentioned which file does Plex pointed at. They don’t know which file, the location of the file and what type of error should they look for. Some tried contacting Nook com support, but there were also not able to detect the problem precisely.

So, what they did is, they take a gander at the file system in order to find the files. They reached ‘ext_sdcard’ filesystem where files were located. Inside that, there were various files located including the parts of the file, which contained the whole video. However, they were not able to find out what was in those parts, but they could play each one of those parts individually outside of Plex.

In the search for some help, they searched in various Nook-related forums and they come across an article, where it was mentioned that by holding down the red play arrow to and selecting Nook HD+ to play on can resolve the issue, but it didn’t work out well in many people’s case. On the contrary, they received a new error, which says, ‘can’t play this video: Sorry, we are not able to play this video at this point of time’. Even www Nook com didn’t have any solution for this problem.

The solution for this problem lies in the latest version. People who were able to find the solution for this error explain how they managed to do so. They deleted all their synced items and re-installed the server. It is important to note that the app must be not uninstalled. You have to repair the installation instead. Once you do so, you will be able to fix this error without requiring Nook support.

If the problem persists after this, then you have no other option but to take the help of Nook help and support providers. Such problems do occur in tablets, but one must know how to tackle them, otherwise they will remain as it is in the system. You can take the help of Nook customer service to find a perfect resolution for this issue.