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How To Fix Nook Error Of Not Being Able To Open An eBook?


Nook can be called as a niche inside a niche. Nook is a market where e-readers buy its products for its robust hardware and state of the art Nook Support. Nook had come to the market with its exceptional e-ink display device. However, with time, nook has upgraded its lineup and Nook color is one of the most popular design. The device is similar to kindle fire except for some changes. There is a great word of mouth for the device too by users. Here, we will discuss one of the issues which occur in Nook which is an error in the opening of an e-book. 

About the error related to opening e-book:

Fix Nook

Nook has its own standards when it comes to e-book reading. It is same for almost all nook devices ranging from the e-ink reader to the tablet version. Tablet version has a variant by the name of nook color. It is one of the cheapest nook tablet ever available in the market.  It is stripped off the features such as camera but is the best in the features which are provided on it. It can be brought from www Nook com.

However, it is also one of those devices which sometimes have some kinds of issues. If you are a regular and aware user of Nook, most of the issues arise out of the server side. Device side issues are mostly limited to none. The problem which we are about to discuss has to do with the basics which are opening of an e-book. Users have sometimes complained on Nook Customer Service that Nook color has some issues in the opening of books. Users have complained that they download their specific e-book from the Nook store and some issues happen as stated ahead.

Nook store is a collection of e-books as well as apps. It has a collection of 2 million and growing e-books. Apps are in limited quantity but only those are there which are 100% safe. This leads to a more trusted use of Nook. That is why it is used more for students and army people because of security inside and sturdiness outside. It also has an amazing battery which can last for days and for months on an e-ink display. As per Nook Help, it is water and dust resistant too. Thus, it is a great device when it comes to sturdiness.

How to solve the book not opening issue?

Coming back to the topic, users have complained that they have downloaded books but they show an error dialog on the device. When they go back to download the book, they do not see the download dialog. Instead, they see an option to read the sample. That happens when you already have downloaded the e-book. Nook Com Support has advised a solution for this kind of issue. The issue is a sort of bug because the communication between Nook device and the store does not happen regarding a failed download.

To cope with such issue, open Nook app store. There, find the books which you have downloaded. Scroll through it to find out the books which you have an error with. Then, as www Nook com Account advice, archive the book. Archiving the book is similar to not downloading it since it removes the book from your device. Then redownload the book. Once it has been done, you are good to go. Make sure that you have only archived the book and not removed it. A book which is removed has issues such as paying again and redownloading it. While this might solve the issue, if it is not so, then reset the device and try again.

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