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How To Fix Kindle Oasis Charging Problem With Easy Steps?

Kindle Oasis Charging Problem

Are you getting the problem with the kindle oasis charging or your kindle oasis doesn’t stay charged for a week? If yes, then there is a need to pay attention. You should have to fix this problem as early as possible otherwise, the battery will get drained out completely and you won’t be able to read EBooks anymore.

The problem of charging mainly crops up due to insufficient supply from power adapter or faulty power cable or USB cable. Today, we are going to discuss solutions for these problems. You must read them carefully and check which solution works for you. If you find the first solution doesn’t work for you, then you can continue to the next troubleshooting step. If there is a problem with the charging adapter, then you can get it replaced from the nearby Amazon store for free.

The steps to fix the charging problem are discussed here as under:

  • Reset your Kindle: To reset the kindle oasis model, you have to press the power button of it from the side of the body and keep it pressed for 20 seconds. You will find different options Popped-up on the screen. Click on ‘Power off’. Turn on the device after 10 seconds. Now, connect the charger and check the percentage of the battery shown up on the screen.
  • Inspect the charging cable: The cable must be connected firmly to the Kindle and should be free from cracks. If there is any breakage in the cable, your Kindle will not get charged. If you are using a Micro USB cable to charge your oasis model, then connect it directly to the power source. You can also use the power adapter to charge your Kindle. It is recommended to use the cable which is coming with the kindle Use of substandard quality of cable may lead to charging problem of cable and the backup time will also get reduced with the improper charging.
  • Check the Micro USB port: If the port with which you connect the USB cable is faulty, you will get the problem in charging kindle oasis. You need to check the port thoroughly. If any pin in the port is broken, you can get it repaired from the Amazon They will either repair the port or change the port depending on the device warranty.
  • Check the power outlet: The power outlet with which you are connecting the kindle charger must provide sufficient supply at the output. To check the outlet, you can connect any other electronic device to it. If it works properly, then it means the outlet is Ok if not, then change the power source. Connect your kindle charger to alternative outlet available in other room. If it started charging, then the problem is only with the socket.

This is how you can fix the kindle oasis charging problem. We hope you must try these steps on your device. If you get success, then don’t forget to mention your comments in the section mentioned below. In case of any clarification or support, you are free to ask your question from the support team. They will revert to your query in a best possible time.

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