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How To Easily Install Android App On Kindle Fire Tablet With 3 Simple Steps?

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If you have Kindle fire tablet and want to install Android app on it, then there are 3 simple ways to accomplish it. No doubt, there are certain apps which are available on Kindle store even but not all are available on it. You may require an app which is available only on android store. Under such conditions, the only way left is to get the app from there on your device.

Now, we are going to let you know the 3 techniques to transfer android app on your Kindle device.

  1. Copy APK file: There are certain ways to copy APK file in your Kindle If you have installed Dolphin Browser HD in your system, then you can copy it from there. Another way to get this file is by downloading the file in your smartphone and copy it to kindle fire.

In Astro model, you need to over to ‘Application manager’ from there go to ‘Menu’. Open the list of tools and click on ‘Checkbox’. You will find APK file inside the SD card folder. From here, you can transfer this file to email or to cloud storage.

  1. Turn on Fire: Select Settings from the Kindle home menu and go to ‘Quick Settings’. You will find this menu on the right side of the screen. Open drop-down menu and tap on ‘More’. It resembles as if you are using a play store on your android phone.

At the end of this list, you will find an option which you are looking for. Without this, you can’t do anything. Click on ‘Enable’ option to allow installation from unknown sources on your device. After this start installing the file and launch it on your device.

Before this, Download File manager in your Fire tablet from the Amazon app store. This manager is required for accessing the files of newly installed Android app. If you have ES explorer already installed on Kindle, then there is no need of File manager.

  • Move APK and install in the device: Connect your Kindle to the computer through USB cable. You will get connected message on the screen. Search for APK file on your computer and transfer the same to Fire tablet. Once transferred, disconnect it from the computer.
  • Now turn on your Kindle and go to ‘Interfacing and file manager’. Search for APK file which you have just transferred. Select the app and start the installation.

Special permissions are required for installation of this app. If you want to change the image of your app, then change it from the home screen itself. Once the app gets installed, you can open and run it on your Kindle. If you find any problem in using this app or the screen configurations are not proper for the app, then call at Kindle support.

If you are curious to install paid apps from the android store, then be patient don’t hurry because these apps require special permission. Apart from this, when you install this app, it will keep on crashing. Using home apps of the android phone on Kindle may put you in trouble. So it is better to stay away from such apps.

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