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How To Delete Ads From Your Kindle Fire HD?

Are you enjoying the e-books with your kindle fire HD? Well, with the ability to provide one of the best e-commerce services, the mammoth retailer has foothold its position in the market with superlative services and features. The extension of the services with Amazon kindle support is quite amazing over the years. With the diverse range of e-tablets which includes kindle fire HD 7” (2nd generation), Kindle fire HD 8.9” (2.5th generation.), Kindle fire HD (3rd generation), Kindle fire HD 6” and 7” (4th generation), Fire HD 8” or 10” (5th generation) and Fire HD 8” (6th generation), the e-reading device is adding many users in its feather. So, all the new users who are looking to setup their account, they can navigate to Amazon Kindle account to get started with the early steps to settle down their account.

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Before you set up your account, make sure that you login through Amazon kindle login to go further in the setting procedure. Still, if you counter any issue with the setting up your account, then there is kindle com support for you to get the possible solutions of your problems. We know that you are having a great time with your e-reader, but still, there are some minor issues which keep on creating problem while you are reading your favorite stuff. And one of these irritating issues, having ads on your device is quite unacceptable when you are in the reading mode. This is the reason we are here to give the possible solutions. Let’s crack down the quick way to counter this problem.

Method 1:

Simply pay to remove the unwanted ads. To do this, check out these simple steps.  

  • Log in- Make sure that you have an account with Amazon. So, log in your Amazon account.
  • Manage your kindle– Simply navigate to “Your account” menu and then choose “Manage your kindle”. You can find your account in the upper right next to the search bar.
  • Manage devices- Go to “manage your devices”. You can track down the option on the left side of the sidebar, which will take you directly to the list of all devices which are associated with the Amazon account.
  • Selecting your kindle fire HD- You will get the details about your device under the device icon. Including the listed “special offers”.
  • Now proceed to the edit button next to the “Special Offers”. After this, you will see a window with the details regarding the Amazon ad-removal offer. Including the one-time cost of $15.
  • Now tap “Unsubscribe now with one click”.
  • Turn on your kindle Fire HD- If your kindle was on, during the time you made a purchase, then you have to restart your kindle. If you counter any issue in between the method, then you can go for Kindle Help to get the proper assistance.

Method 2:

Disable the ads with ES File explorer. To do this-  

  • Download and unlock the ES File explorer from Amazon app store. Make sure that your kindle fire is rooted, as without rooting, you can’t access the system files.
  • Click on the “Homepage” button, which you will find at the top of the menu bar and which will take you to the quick access menu.
  •  Click, “/Device”. This option will directly take you to you to your device folders.
  • Click on the “System” folder to unlock it. As, after the device folder, you have to ensure the system of the device.
  • Now tap the “App” folder to access the apps.
  • Now, click the “dctp_apk”, which contains the .apk file that controls all the ads on your Kindle fire HD.
  • Simply tap the “dctp_apk.apk” file to choose it. When you will select the file, the button will change, which you can find it on the bottom menu bar.
  • Click the “Rename”. You can find this button the right side of the menu bar which brings up a text field when a file is selected.
  • Now rename the file as “dctp_apk.bat” and click OK. This will change the file properties of the app that controls the ads.
  • Now, Kick starts your kindle fire HD without any ads barrier. If this method doesn’t work, then you can go for Kindle fire support to get required solutions for your Kindle fire HD.

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