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How To Change The Kindle Book Reading Mode To Listening Mode And Vice Versa On Kindle App?

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It’s a good news for all smart device owners who have installed Kindle app in their device. Amazon has introduced Whispersyn voice technology with the help of which a user can listen and read the books available in the Kindle library. Both audible and textbooks are in sync with each other.

Amazon has made this available on all Android and iOS devices. You just have to install the kindle app and update it to the latest version. After this, you can swap reading for listening by clicking on the simple icon.

This feature is very interesting as you can even listen to the book when you are in a meeting or in a car. You can even connect your phone to the music system installed in your car and listen through car speakers. If you don’t know how to swap the modes, then here are some steps for you by applying which you can easily enjoy reading. The steps will be proven helpful for you once you implement on your iOS or Android device.

  1. The Kindle app and audible app is a must for your smartphone. If any of the apps are missing, you won’t be able to use the feature completely. If you are going to download the Kindle app for the first time, then we want to tell you that audible feature is available within the app. You don’t need to download it separately.
  2. After the installation of the app, you need to check if it is working seamlessly or not. You need to ensure that whisper sync function is working properly otherwise, text and audible books will go out of sync with each other. To check whether the book installed in your Kindle app support the audio version or not, open Matchmaker service. If you want to take a trial of this app, then download Freebie which is available without any charge. You will get professional narration as well with all these books. While clicking on ‘Buy’ button, don’t forget to check the box which says, ‘Download narration as well’.
  3. Open the app and click on ‘Black beauty’. To open submenus, click anywhere on the screen. A headphone icon with a blue arrow for downloading will appear on the left bottom of the screen.
  4. After downloading the blue arrow, the playback controls will start showing up on the screen. Click on ‘Triangle’ to play the content. To move forward or backward, click on ‘Quick-skip’ buttons.
  5. To get text version again, click on ‘Book’ from the screen. When you open the text version, you will be directed to the point where you had left Audio version. This is due to audio sync with text.

An important thing to discuss here is that the ‘Headphone’ icon shown up at the bottom of the screen doesn’t mean that you can listen to book only through headphones. You have been fooled at this point. The real thing is that you can connect any speaker to your audible books with the help of Bluetooth technology available on your smartphone. You can even connect the home-theatre to your Kindle app. All you need is Bluetooth enabled speakers. If your speakers are Bluetooth enabled, then only you can connect the kindle app to the speaker.

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