Kindle books are available across various libraries in the U.S and they are available for lending and you need to follow the simple procedure to borrow books from the Library and Kindle support is there to guide you about the whole thing.

Kindle library is one of its own and provides a huge number of books which suits everyone taste. Kindle also gives you the privilege to borrow Kindle books from more than 11,000 libraries in The U.S. Moreover, Kindle book owners can also lend their book to their fellow people.

Read below to how to borrow Kindle eBooks from the libraries.

  • The Foremost thing, head to OverDrive website and see if your local library has the facility to lend Kindle books. You require a library card for borrowing a Kindle book and you can take Kindle help to know the whole procedure of borrowing a Kindle book from the library.
  • Now click on “Library Search” to search your library.
  • For searching your library you need to enter your library name, city or the postal code. If your library has the electronic resources it will appear in the menu list,
  • Visit the library website.
  • Sign in your account you will be probably asked to enter your name and library number.
  • Now search for eBooks. Every site is different so look for the link such as “digital media” or “downloadable books/eBooks”
  • Simply browse the collection, type the title of the book and look for your book.
  • Once your title appear click on it.
  • Follow the instruction that is displayed on the website and check out the book you need to borrow. You will have to options one is getting the book on your Kindle and other one via another device. Now choose “Get for Kindle” if you want that particular book on your Kindle device. Then you will be redirected to public library loan page on Now choose the device or app from The “Deliver too” option and select “Get library book” to send the book on your device or app.


  • Amazon will notify the borrower and the recipient via 3-days before the loan expires.
  • Prime members will get access to the selected title which are not available to everyone.
  • In case you already own a Kindle book and you want to lend it someone then before lending you can check that it is available to lend by heading towards “Mange your Kindle” on Amazon’s website. However, if the book is available for lending then you will see a “Loan this book” button. Simply click on it and enter the recipient’s name and email.
  • The length of the loan depends on the library and library cannot deliver to a 3G connection.

For any queries related to following procedure you can all Kindle customer service for better assistance.


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