You can buy and read the Nook books and even Nook Newsstand titles and these can be accessed from Nook library on You can archive or unarchive your content as per your choice. Read the article and know how you can do all this in simple steps.

The digital content that you buy from the official site of Barnes and Noble like Nook Newsstand and Nook book titles, all these are easily accessible in your library of Nook on after you sign in into your account. From your Nook library, you will get the option to archive the content purchased by you. Nook Support can be taken for more details.


Archiving any content will remove the file from the current device, thereby saving the space on your device memory and delete the content thumbnail image displayed in the library. The items that have been archived are only accessible from the Archive category of the dropdown options in the top left area of the library. Archiving is the effective and the best way to reduce the used storage and manage the visual content that is displayed in the library.

Archiving vs Deleting Content

Deleting any book, periodical, or app will permanently remove them from your account of and it cannot be undone. You will need to repurchase that item again to access the deleted content. Instead of deleting, use Archive or Move to Cloud option. Archiving or moving the content to the cloud will keep a copy of your content in your account while removing all the information except the basic information about the book like such as the cover of the book, author, title, and the description from your Nook. This content can be unarchived or re-downloaded at any time, so in this way, your reading material will not be lost forever. For more information, you can take Nook Com Support.

How to Archive a Title?

Follow these steps to archive the title that you want or you can also take help and guidance from Nook Customer Service:

  • On click to navigate to your Nook library. Here you may be asked to sign in to your account.
  • Your Nook library organizes your digital content by books, magazines, apps, catalogs, and Newspapers. For expanding any of these options click on the adjacent See All link.
  • Locate the title that you want to archive and then click on the Settings icon in the lower left corner of the image.
  • A menu will appear displaying the options of Archive or delete. Click on the option of Archive.
  • A confirmation message will appear stating that the title has been archived successfully.
  • An archived content will not appear in your library until the time it is unarchived.

How to Unarchive a Title?

Follow these steps to unarchive any title or you can also visit www Nook Com Account:

  • For unarchiving the content, firstly click on the category from which the content belongs to at the top of the page. Categories include books, catalogs, Newspapers, magazines, and apps.
  • After clicking on the category, click on the Archive drop-down menu and select the option of Archived. This will display all the archived content.
  • Now locate that content that you want to unarchive and click on the icon of Settings in the lower left corner of the image.
  • A menu will appear displaying the options of Make Active or delete. Click on the option of Make active.
  • Now your content will be accessible from your library. For opening the title, you will need to use the drop-down menu again to navigate back to the Archive page.
  • In the case of any misses or difficulty, you can visit www Nook com.