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How Nook Is Better Than Amazon Kindle Devices?

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though full-fledged tablets have taken over the market, there is a niche for the love of reading which still has devices like Amazon Kindle. Among the monopoly created by this Amazon’s device, Barnes and Noble also released one of their ebook readers which is known as the nook. Nook is a simple yet very competitive e-book reader and has a lot of features which are still shy from Amazon Kindle despite its various iterations and versions of the hardware. Now we will see how Amazon Kindle and nook fair competitively.

About nook:

Nook is not like other ebook readers. While other readers try harder to be better than what they actually are, the nook is one of a kind product line which focuses on reading and improving it. Nook, as the Nook Support confirms, uses the same pearl e-ink screen like Amazon Kindle and hence there is no issue of clarity.

Nook also passes Amazon Kindle when it comes to clarity. Thanks to a lot of refinement in the quality of material used in the second version of the nook, the clarity is very high despite low ppi in the lowest model. One can also read from a fairly good distance without squeezing eyes. Nook also gives support to adjust font size even in the base model and more can be read about that on Nook Help.

Nook also has a lot of features under the hood. Thanks to its compact size and large storage expandability, it is very easy to carry and has a long lasting battery. It is also an ideal device for those who do not have access to electricity even in the most remote locations for days. This device is a beast when it comes to battery life as confirmed with us by Nook Com Support.

Talking about support, nook has an exceptional support from the suppliers as well as manufacturers. Though the device rarely needs any maintenance, there are some issues which can occur because of the human error. Even the spares of the first iteration of nook are available from the manufacturer’s side which can be brought from www Nook com.

Features of nook:

Nook has a lot of features which are also a standard part of even the lowest variant. For instance, nook has inbuilt storage of 2GB on the smallest variant, but if one uses www Nook com Account, cloud storage is more than enough. Further, if more storage is needed, an expandable SD card slot is given which increases the storage to up to 32 GB. 32 GB is fairly a lot for an e-book reader device.

There is also a lot of sturdiness included in this device. Needless to say, even the lowest variant is as sturdy. Nook is water proof and dust proof. This is why it is one of those devices which are allowed to be taken by the army for personal as well as on duty use. Nook Customer Service ensures that these devices are made like a gun and have a really long shelf life. Sadly due to lack of rich support, which is one of the strengths of amazon kindle, nook has a very limited market base.

However, it supports side loading of books via SD card and also has internet and Wi-Fi capabilities. The support too, is sufficiently good. If you are looking for a complete e-book reader and no bells and whistles, even the lowest variant would suffice your needs. Ebooks and PDF formats come under the ambit of Nook. App support too is slowly rolling out for nook and would make its place in the commercial market really soon.

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