Many people have several complains that they cannot set up their Google account on their Kindle device. Apart from this, proper Kindle Support is provided by the company’s official website. They are providing the best in class services for their valuable customers. Make sure that you must consult the service providers in case you find it difficult for you to setup the account on your Kindle device.

How to make a proper setting for accepting third party application installation?

By default, your device does not support third-party applications to be installed on your Kindle Fire device. Here is the step by step procedures that will help you in getting this task done in just a couple of minutes.

Here are the 4 applications you must install in order to enable Google account on your Fire tablet:

Google play

Google Play services

Google Services Framework

Google Account Manager

Google Play Store

The complete procedure to download these applications is given on the official website of the company and you can easily follow the procedures provider. For downloading these files you can download the APK files available on the play store. Also, you can easily download these APK files from the third party websites. There are a number of websites which are providing the access to these applications. For assistance, you can call the service support center by visiting the website at www kindle com support.

The procedure of installing these applications on your Kindle Fire device.

Play store on kindleOnce you have downloaded the files, you can install them one by one. First, install Google Services Framework by following each every step. During the installation process, you may have to click on certain permissions which are essentially important in order to complete the installation process. Make sure you provide the desired permissions while the setup is running. Kindle Help is also provided for the same and you can easily find out various links and guidelines that can assist you. Once the framework is installed, you must reboot the device in order to apply the changes to the device. This is essential and you must not continue installation of the other applications.

Now after the rebooting the device, you will have to install Google Play Services and the entire procedure is same as above. After the installation is complete, you must again restart the device for changes to be saved. Also, make sure that no other application is running in the background which can cause a conflict between the installation processes. If you face such issues, you can seek help from the authorized service provider at Amazon Kindle Support. They will solve any issue that is causing an interrupt in the installation process. Make sure that you have your Kindle device ready while you contact the service provider, this will help you in getting an instant support and resolution of the issue.

Kindle fire appsAfter the installation of these two applications, you can install Google Play Store followed by Google Account Manager. This will enable all the services that you need to activate for your Kindle device. Once the Play Store is installed, you can download the desired Google applications or any other applications which you wish to install. Now your Kindle device is successfully transformed into a proper tablet that can support all the applications which a regular Android tablet can run. For any issue, you can anytime call the customer care support providers or visit their website and search Kindle Fire Support and you will get a support over the chat.