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How Can You Recognize Your Nook With Adobe Digital Editions?

As you are aware that the e-reader device has already placed its position in the market. With its qualitative features and services, the e-reader device has delivered its astonishing services among the trending e-reader gadgets. With the diverse range of products including the Nook tablets, Nook Glowlight, Nook color, Nook simple touch, Nook HD, and Nook HD+ etc. This has made an impressive mark over the users. This is the reason the device has added many new users in its chain. So, all the new users who are still figuring out the way to activate their account, they can navigate to www nook com, to know more about their subscription to this promising e-reader.

Nook ereader

Despite having qualitative services, the device is still unsupportive to the adobe digital edition. The e-reader software program is actually not recognizable to the e-reading device. This will actually restrict the nook users to get access to the e-reading software program. The problem actually arises due to the preloaded folder of Adobe digital edition on the nook, and that’s why the adobe digital edition program doesn’t work on your nook. Well, you are also aware that you can easily counter any problem with Nook com support to get the required solutions. We are still here with some solutions to overcome this problem in a quick manner.

If you want to fix the unwanted problem, then first delete the problem of Overdrive title from your Nook and your Adobe Digital Editions. Now from your library account, you have to download the title again. After downloading, you need to re-authorize and de-authorize the nook with simple steps.

Steps to re-authorize and de-authorize the nook  

  • Resetting the ADE folder on the Nook-
    • To start with the resetting of the ADE, firstly close the Adobe digital editions.
    • Now, simply link the nook to your computer.
    • Navigate to My computer, unlock the drive related to your device. (Do name your device as Nook X, in which X represent the drive letter).
    • Now, detect the folder .adobe-digital-editions and delete the folder.
  • The first thing you need to do is to check whether the adobe digital editions is authorized correctly or not. To ensure this, take the following steps-
    • Go to the little list view in adobe digital editions. Now navigate to the Library menu and select the authorized computer. An authorize computer will ensure the correct authorization of Adobe digital editions.
    • If you find your ADE is authorized, then move to #2.
    • Now, if ADE is not correctly authorized, then move to Adobe ID to authorize the ADE correctly. If you still get stuck in the middle of steps, then you can contact to Nook customer service number to get quick solutions.
  • Now, unlock the Adobe digital editions and there you will find the Device setup assistance dialog. Now tap the authorize device button.

Soon, as you completed the above steps, you need to move the title file again by dragging and dropping it on the device in the library view of Adobe digital editions. This moved Adobe eBook title will be located in ‘My Documents’ section on the Nook. Well, if you are using Nook color, then you can get the moved files in the Digital edition of my files section. If you still counter any problematic issue with your nook color, then you can go to Nook color support to get the proper solutions.

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