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How An eBook Library Disappears In Amazon Kindle? How To Fix This Problem?

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Not being able to access the Amazon Kindle’s eBook library is nothing less than a shock for passionate readers. But, there have been reports of eBook library getting disappeared from Amazon Kindle. Let us find out what this issue is and how Amazon Kindle support can help fix this problem.

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It has happened to many people and they are now, thinking how to get all their books back. People kept many of their eBooks in EPUB format, which they read in Mantano ebook reader. The reason why they prefer this app is due to the fact that they can access books that are present in the external storage of Amazon Kindle, including Kindle Fire. So, they have hundreds of books on their microSD card, but as they turned on the eBook reader in order to read their favorite books, they found that their EPUB jacket thumbnails are not there. When they clicked on the books, they got a message stating, ‘the file is no longer on their device’. An instant thought that had gone through their minds is to call Kindle support providers, but they didn’t.

They don’t know whether this has happened because of their mistake or due to anything else. All the files that were present on their MicroSD card were gone. This would make anybody a bit depressed, so those people felt the same way. But, a strange thing in this incident was the presence of other files. They checked their PDF folder, pictures folder, sideloaded apps folder and more, and found everything to be intact. It was just the book folder, which disappeared. The same was discussed with the tech support experts working at www Kindle com support website.

For avid readers, it is a big loss because they just have one thing to entertain themselves, but now they are gone as well. They tried to restore all the missing files and found that the ebook reader had all the details on record and also didn’t require a new import. This made them think it is not the app, which is creating the issue. If they found that the problem was on Kindle device, then they would have called Kindle com support providers.

Some people have installed the same application on their smartphones, and it is running smoothly over there. What transpires from all this is that the problem lies within the file expert HD update. After updating the app, the problem has started to appear, but then, it is just the book folder, which was affected and none else. The problem could be in the Kindle Fire or the OS installed in it, but the pure evidence about either of those is still awaited. If it has been proved that the problem is in Kindle Fire, then take Kindle Fire support help.

Those who have stored the books on various other devices, they didn’t lose anything actually because they can get all those books back. This was the reason why didn’t call Kindle help right away. Though it will take some time to restore those eBooks, it is something that can be done. There won’t be any effect on the ‘My Kindle library’, so no need to worry about that. Amazon online services are extremely efficient, and one can access anything there within a matter of a few seconds. People who are not able to find eBooks anywhere will have to get in touch with Amazon Kindle customer service providers because they know how to get back lost eBooks.

But, for those who haven’t had any such experience, it is a warning for all you guys to make a backup of all your data in multiple places because things like these can happen quite often, so you must be ready to deal with it in an appropriate manner.

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