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Have You Checked Out Nook Waterproof Model Glow Light Plus eReader?

water proof nook

It’s been so long since Barnes and Noble have been in the E-reader market. After knowing about the present taste and market conditions of the E-reader, the company is going to provide Nook support to the Samsung tablets. Now, it will provide interfacing to the Samsung tablets rather than developing the hardware by own. This cuts the cost to the company. They have provided access to the Google play store for Samsung tablet users.

You might have heard about the Nook Glow light E-reader model that is been in the market for the last two years. The company has not even updated its firmware yet since its release. There is good news for nook lovers that the company has launched the new Glow light plus model that is totally changed and upgraded according to the latest technology. The price with which you can purchase this device is fixed at $130. You can purchase it from the store or from the www Nook com website.

The new e-reader is designed by the company itself. It incorporates E-ink technology for brighter screen display and 300 DPI resolution for higher contrast images and contents. This device is launched in competition with Amazon Kindle Paperwhite model. The features are slightly different than this model in the new nook model. Nook help for comparison of both is available on the internet.

The New Nook model has the capacitive touch for better touch sensitivity. It is replaced with the infrared screen touch that was found in earlier models. The device screen responds quickly to the touch. You will find this type of screen in higher models of the Kindle. The unique selling point is the waterproof screen that is not available in any of the Kindle models.

The outer body is made of aluminum that is the replacement of plastic. It looks glossy and matte finish. You can take the help from the official website if you are not confirmed with the outer body color of the new nook. The weight of the new Nook thus increased due to change in the material. You will feel pride in holding it in hands. But one thing to discuss here is that you cannot hold it in hands without a case for longer time period.

The outer case is a must for comfortable reading otherwise you will feel tired or paralyzed from one hand after holding it for quite long time. The slippery finish of the body makes it uneasy to hold. The weight of the device rarely increases with the cover. So it would be better to use it with the outer cover or you need to hold it from the edges with the help of your thumb. You can take Nook com support if you are facing problem in finding the suitable cover for your device. The dimensions are properly mentioned there on the link.

There is nonexistence of physical buttons on the body of new nook model. You will find only the power button on the Nook device. This is considered unnecessary change by some users but some go in favor of it.

There is no mechanical button present on the home screen of nook glow light plus model. You will find ‘N’ shaped touch sensitive button available just behind the screen placed in the center. The brightness of the screen is now adjusted from the flag available on the top of the screen. You need to pull it down, then you can change it easily. You will also have to create an account on Nook, which you can by logging onto www Nook com account link.

The main thing about this device that we have discussed in the above paragraph also that this device is totally waterproof. There is no risk of physical as well as electronic damage to the system if it is submerged in the water. It keeps on working as it is earlier. Yes, if something goes wrong with you then call at Nook customer service number. Executives are always available on the helpline numbers.

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