November has just begun and it’s again Black Friday time Folks! Black Friday is just around the corner, we all might be waiting for the exciting deals on our favorites and can’t wait to take home our favorites. Many brands across the globe are planning for the exciting deals which will allure their customers, then how can Amazon be left behind, it has already started the big day by releasing new deals everyday.

This time Christmas is coming a bit earlier on Amazon then others.

First of all Amazon is offering a great deals on its reliable Kindle E-readers, which have become people choice nowadays. People find it easy to carry and best to spend their time with good quality books

If you still getting skeptical to go digital then this might be the best time to try Kindle as you will get it on best deal and as holidays are coming so you can explore it lot more. If you traveling fan you take your Kindle e-reader as a companion. I know it hard to shift suddenly from traditional paper books to an e-reader but once you try Kindle, its additional features will amaze you and it is so compact and won’t consume much of your space like paper books.

With Kindle, you also get the convenience to pick up your book where you left from via your phone as you can sync your e-reader and your phone and you can take Kindle support if necessary.

Amazon has decided to get into the game of Black Friday early this November, and it’s launching its deals store to put its products on sales which include the Kindle Voyage, Roku Streaming Stick, and Garmin wearables.

On Tuesday Amazon announced that they are going to come up with new deals within every five minutes but some deals can have short expiration dates.

However, there are few items which don’t have the timer so that you can take a time to make up your mind.

Kindle E-Readers:

Kindle eReaderYou will be getting amazing deals on the Kindle Voyage as its prices are slashed down from $199.99 to $179.99, the Kindle Paperwhite from$119.99 to $99.99 and if you are new to Kindle family and want to just start your journey with the basic device then you can get All-New Kindle from $79.99 to $59.99.There is also exciting deals on Kindle for Kids Bundles which is the recent Kindle for kids which Amazon launched recently. Gift you kids this Kindle for Kids Bundle as there is a huge drop in their prices from $124.98 to $79.99.Unfortunately ,there is no deal on Kindle Oasis so far.

If you already are Kindle users can need some guidance to get upgraded to the higher version of Kindle, then you can take kindle help or call us on kindle customer service number for better assistance.

Apart from Kindle you also best deals on these products:

Anker PowerPort 6:

Anker PowerPort 6

 This Powerport is specially designed for iPhone 6, Galaxy S6 and more and is available for $ 25.49 whereas, its original price is $79.99.

Razer Keyboards:

Razer keyboard

You get the best deal on the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth which dropped to $94.99 from $109.99 and the Razer DeathStalker Chroma to $84.99 from $99.

Roku Streaming Stick- down to $39.99 from $49.99

Roku Streaming Stick

Garmin Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch– Garmin vivosmart HR is currently going for $119.99 from $149.99 and Garmin vivoactive HR for $229.99 from $249.99, which is perfect deals for fitness freaks.

 Asus ZenWAtch 2:- down to $269 from $299

Asus ZenWAtch 2

So, when this Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Store ends:

Don’t worry, so have quite a long time to grab these exciting deals as the Deals Store continues till Dec 22nd and will offer more discounts for its customers.

For those, who are looking for some other products can check out the Deals Store and check products as the listing will change daily so you might pick your favorite someday.

Amazon Prime Members can expect a lot more from this Deals Store. First of all, they can ask Alexa for helping them with their online shopping which makes their shopping easier.

Prime members get free two-days shipping to boot and 20% discount when they pre-order or newly launched video games are also in the pack.