Google, always amaze us with its technology and it’s gadget and this time this tech giant has in store for us is Google Nexus 7 tablet. There has been lot of speculations about the Google Nexus tablet 7 and lot of excitement about the coming of the new Google’s tablet that when it’s going to hit the market. Also, there has been a lot of information about the specifications of upcoming tablet and it is expected that it will steal the show in 2017 with these:


First of all, according to the reports Google Nexus would be the first tablet to come up with Andromeda OS. Andromeda, is a hybrid operating system that has the feature of both chrome and Android and it is said to debut inside two Nexus devices, a hybrid laptop, and a tablet.

First, Android Police said that Pixel 3 laptop will debut in Q3 2017 and it will run on Andromeda and another source said that Google Nexus 7 tablet is on track for a release.

Moreover, Andromeda OS will be a huge tech invention in the tech world and it will connect tablets, laptops, and smartphones to each other. This OS allows a device to have adaptable UI, accessible file system and other features which will enhance the multitasking experience.

Google Nexus rumored specs:

Google Nexus 7 SpecsThere have been many rumors regarding Google Nexus 7 and this could be the selling point of the device. You might have heard that Galaxy Tab S3 has Nougat OS, Snapdragon 652 Soc and 3 GB of RAM but it will more alluring to know the specification of Nexus 7 which has 4GB RAM and equipped with Snapdragon 820 chipset. This specification will attract most of the tablet lovers. Further, Nexus tablet’s speedy performance will amaze everyone.

All might not be aware but the fact is Google Nexus would be built by Huawei. As the Pixel phones, have already entered the high-end market and if Nexus 7 enters the Pixel family then you have to pay a hefty amount for the Nexus tablet.

However, Evan Blass has mentioned about Huawei-built Nexus tablet so that indicates that this powerful device will be still affordable.

So, you have to wait for the while for this astounding tablet as it is expected to be released in Q3, 2017.