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Going To Purchase Kindle 2? Know These 10 Things About It

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First of all, we would like to congratulate you in advance if you are going to buy Kindle 2 in coming days as this is the most reliable and best product ever designed by Amazon. Today, we are going to discuss 10 features or facts about Kindle 2 that will help you in knowing about the device in details.

  1. While going out for a trip or some meeting, you can easily carry this device in your pocket or in a handbag and start reading the book according to your convenience. There is no mess of carrying physical books. All you have to need is the internet connection that can be arranged either through a cellular network or through the public Wi-Fi network.
  2. You can open any format on Kindle There is no restriction of any book format. You can open mobile, .doc, .docx, .pdf in Kindle 2. Yes, if you want to transfer it to the other device that doesn’t support the following formats, then you can change it to any format with the help of supported apps. You can even send or receive mail from your Kindle 2 tablet.
  3. The outer look is totally changed from that of Kindle You will find this model sleeker and stylish than the Kindle 1. This device is so handy that you can hold it in your hand for long hours. Amazon offers 2 years of warranty on new products. So, if you encounter any problem with the Kindle 2, then you can easily get replaced from Amazon store.
  4. Amazon has also added new buttons to the Kindle You will find buttons engrossed in such a way that it will not become a hindrance for holding a device in hands. You will find volume keys, on-off and lock keys on the Kindle model.
  5. More than 30 thousand titles are available in the Kindle You can download any title of your choice on Kindle 2. Some titles are paid and some are free depending on their popularity.
  6. This device is water-resistant which means you can use the kindle in rainfall or near the pond. You can submerge it up to 2 feet of water level without any problem.
  7. There are some new bookmarking tools added in Kindle Some types like bookmarking through selecting a text, note or page are same as that of Kindle 1, but the new tool added in the Kindle 2 is Visual feedback option.
  8. You can select any one shade of the screen out of 10 different shades whereas, in Kindle 1, you will find only 4 shades.
  9. An inbuilt dictionary is a distinct feature in Kindle 2 that motivates bookwork towards it. If there are some words that can’t be read easily or you are getting the problem in understanding the meaning of the particular word, then you can check the meaning through the inbuilt

Amazon in recent news has revealed that they are planning to offer the streaming services to the users of Kindle 2 with the help of which they can watch any show or movies from apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

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