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Getting Reading Problem On Your Kindle Paperwhite Model?

Kindle paper white

Are you getting the reading problem on your Kindle Paperwhite model? If yes, then we are going to discuss 6 most common problems which you may face on your kindle paperwhite model. These problems need an immediate attention and to be fixed as early as possible.

  1. The faded image on kindle paperwhite screen: If you are facing a problem of the faded image with the kindle paperwhite screen, then you can try different solutions to fix this problem. The simple and easiest one is, open ‘Toolbar’ from the top of the screen and click on ‘Refresh’. When you refresh the kindle, you will find a screen goes blank for a second.
  2. Not connecting to the wireless network: If you are getting the problem in connecting your Kindle to a wireless network, then check the network first and troubleshoot the problem further. You can check the settings of your network from ‘Networks’ menu.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Network’.
  • Click on ‘Search’ icon given at the right corner of the screen. You will find a list of available networks on screen.
  • Click on the name of the network with which you want to connect your kindle paperwhite E-reader. If you find no such name on the screen, then you can add it manually.
  • Click to add the network. Enter the name of the network along with IP address and security type in the space provided. You can make use of Virtual keyboard to enter details.
  • Click to connect.
  1. Battery draining quickly: Normally, a kindle paperwhite battery when completely charged lasts for around week with routine use of up to 4 hours. If you are a binge-reader, then even it can stay charged for 5-6 days. If your kindle battery is draining quickly, then you need to check the battery and power adapter of your kindle. If everything is OK, then check ‘Unindexed’ content if any in your kindle.
  2. Display items not properly synced: If you find that all the titles, authors, and books are not arranged according to the date on the screen, then you need to fix this issue. To fix this problem, you can follow the below mentioned
  • Open quick resync and run it.
  • Click to sync the items.
  • Check your home screen now.
  1. Device not reading the password: If your device is not reading your password due to some issue, then check the password carefully and enter it again. If this doesn’t solve your problem, then you can follow the steps given below:
  • Check the password before entering it on your device.
  • Enter a password with adjacent characters. Sometimes, you may enter one or two adjacent characters by mistake.
  • If you are having more than one Kindle at home, then make sure that you are entering the password for right kindle.
  1. Kindle Paperwhite sync problem among different devices: If you want, you can read the same book on your phone, tablet or laptop that you are reading on your Kindle Paperwhite. This is possible with ‘Whispersync’ feature. This feature is available in the Kindle E-reader from where you can add a countless number of devices to it and start reading same content on different devices. If you are getting sync problem among devices, then check the sync settings and server connection to the Kindle.

So, in this way you can fix 6 most prevalent issues encountered on kindle paperwhite. If you are still facing any problem, you can call at kindle support number mentioned on the website.

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