nook emailConfiguring email account in Nook tablet is a difficult task, and the reason why I am writing this is simply because most people are not able to do so. The assistance of Nook help and support can be taken, but let us just discuss if the issue can be resolved by following certain steps or not.

There are certain people who are loyal to Nook tablet despite knowing that there aren’t too many features in Nook when compared to kindle devices. Everything is Nook is exciting, but there are certain problems in Nook, which are related to email accounts that are bothering Nook users. People don’t have any complaints, but they want all those features to work smoothly, which have given by the company. A vast majority of people have established a link on their Nook tablets in order to access MS Outlook mail, but they were unable to setup email account due to non-functional Outlook mail. They even visited www Nook com but got no result.

Nook users don’t know the server name and account type. They don’t know whether they should select POP or IMAP in the Outlook that is configured with www Nook com account.

All the steps pertaining to the setup are being displayed on the device, and if you want to know about those steps, then here are they:
  • POP3 server name is being asked by the Nook.
  • You will be asked to select ‘security type’ from the options such as SSL, TLS, and None.
  • Then, you will be asked to enter a port number, which by default is set to 110. Though, it is not sure whether this port number is correct or not.
While choosing IMAP account type, there is similar kind of things, which are asked from the users. Here are those things;
  • IMAP server name.
  • Security type, which could either be TLS, SSL or None.
  • Port Number, which should be 143 by default, but no surety as to whether it will be right or not.
  • There is an additional option, i.e., IMAP path prefix, which you should fill as well. You can take Nook support in order to follow these steps.
People are not sure whether they can setup an account on Outlook or not, but to make sure it happens, here are the steps that you will have to follow:
  • SMTP server: (port 25)
  • POP3 server: (port 995)

Just in case you find out that port number 25 has been blocked on your network, then there is no need to worry, but just try a different number, i.e., 587 with TLS or SSL encryption. When using SMTP or POP3 connections, it is important to choose SSL option as security type. If you are using SMTP connections in particularly, then you must choose SMTP authentication. Along with it, you will have to select one more option, i.e., ‘outgoing server requires authentication’ because it is not selected by default in the most number of mail apps. After this, you have to add your username and password. There will be an option named ‘leave a copy of mails on server’ which you have to leave, as it can delete your mails permanently from the inbox once you download them.

If you are not able to configure Outlook on your Nook tablet despite trying all the things that are mentioned above, then you can take Nook com support. They will be able to help you out in the best way. In case you don’t know the contact number of Nook customer service, then you can find the same on the internet.