Amazon has launched Kindle cloud reader, which allows people to read Kindle books on the web browser. It is a great feature to access, as people can read their favorite books anywhere, anytime. They don’t have to rely upon Kindle devices anymore, which was a big restriction before. Many people don’t have Kindle devices, tablets or smartphones, yet they can access Kindle books. They can just open their computer or laptops and enter a certain URL to access Kindle books.

Kindle Cloud Reader is a free app, which you can access by visiting If you are not interested in buying Kindle tablet, then this is perhaps the best option for you to read your favorite books without any interruption. The interface of Kindle Cloud Reader is similar to the dedicated apps from where you can get books of your choice. But, there is one thing that everybody should keep in mind, i.e., Cloud Reader by Kindle should not be confused with other services that Amazon offers because Cloud Reader service is different in all aspects to those other services.

Kindle Cloud Reader

You must have heard of Kindle Cloud and Kindle Library, but Kindle Cloud Reader is not associated to either one of those. Kindle Cloud Reader is a way to use your Kindle cloud library by taking help of the internet browser.

Kindle Cloud Reader is a web page that has a special interface allowing people to read eBooks on their PCs.

Here are some tips and facts about Kindle Cloud Reader:

Kindle Cloud Reader

  • You can easily access your Kindle eBooks from any PC that has an internet browser. You just need a PC or laptop to access this amazing feature. You can easily access it from anywhere, while you are sitting in a café, in the library or anywhere else. You don’t have to worry about how to manage Kindle devices.
  • This Cloud Reader is available for all Kindle users who are living in any part of the world. The company has ensured that this particular feature is being used by everyone. Back in time, it was available for only those who were registered on The only thing that people have to make sure is that they enter the location where they are living. For example, if some are living in the UK, then the URL becomes You have to do Amazon Kindle login according to the location you are living in.
  • Can’t add or read your personal documents. This app allows you to read Kindle books, but you can’t read or add your own personal files. For that, you will have to buy Kindle tablet only. This is a big disadvantage according to some, but many people think that the feature is perfectly doing the things for which, the feature was created in the first place. You can easily do Kindle download from the Kindle store and put the books on your cloud reader.
  • You can easily add and read free eBooks from the Kindle store. The company gives you an opportunity to add any free eBook that you found on your Kindle store to your Kindle Cloud Reader. If you have any issue, then you can get in touch with Kindle customer service, which is quite easily available these days.
  • You can also download Kindle books for offline reading. So, you don’t have to remain online to read your favorite books, but reading them offline is also an option.

You can get all the books, which are present on Kindle Fire platform and you don’t have to take Kindle Fire support for that as well.